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Yahtzee Slot Machine

Your friends are over, the pizza has been delivered, fizzy drinks are flowing, and there are bowls filled with popcorn to munch on so it can mean only one thing – it’s time to put the dice in a cup and roll them on the table as you enjoy a fun-filled evening playing the classic game Yahtzee.

Originally created by Milton Bradley, Yahtzee is now owned by Hasbro and for those of you who haven’t played it before (not too many I’d imagine) the aim is to accumulate as many points as possible by rolling five dice to make scoring combinations. Thirteen rounds of gameplay are completed with the highest possible score being 1575 and should you roll five dice of the same value you’ll be shouting Yahtzee in delight!

Friendly Stakes

WMS are no strangers to releasing slots based on popular games, with their sensational Cluedo Spinning Detectives slot machine being a prime example, and the Yahtzee slot machine boasts one of their most widely used structures of 5x3 reels and 25 fixed paylines with friendly stakes ensuring nobody will be left crying at the end of the evening as £2 is the max bet on these reels.

Just because the stakes are low and the game is being played amongst friends doesn’t mean that there aren’t huge rewards on offer as you can enjoy Wild multipliers, there is a main bonus game where you are richly rewarded for rolling a Yahtzee, there is a free roll bonus where you are already guaranteed a hefty win but have the chance to roll a dice and improve your winnings, plus there are two jackpots which could be won should you play with max bet or land five Wild symbols!

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Evening Entertainment

A fun-filled evening of entertainment awaits as you are joined by friends for a game of Yahtzee, and while it may be a friendly game, big wins are on offer, especially whenever you land Wild symbols.

Wild symbols only appear on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels and whenever they contribute to winning combinations you will be transported to another screen to roll two dice in a cup which then sees a Wild multiplier displayed with your friends surrounding the table bursting into celebration over your win.

The two Bonus symbols are represented by the dice flying in mid-air and you will also three different styled Yahtzee boxes, three pairs of friends who you’ll be competing against, plus slices of pizza, bowls of popcorn, and glasses of fizzy drinks to feast on as you roll the dice.

Can You Roll a Yahtzee?

Whenever you see the Bonus symbol with five dice surrounding it appear on the fifth reel one of the multiplier lights above the reels will be lit up enabling you to play the bonus game straightaway, but the more you accumulate before entering the feature, the larger your rewards will be, with the feature beginning automatically should you accumulate five of them.

Now you get to play Yahtzee with three opportunities to roll five dice in the hope of collecting five of a single number, but even if you fail you will be rewarded with a ‘Chancey’ bonus that will be a multiplier of your original win, but if you’re as competitive as I am, you’ll not be satisfied until you’re shouting Yahtzee for the biggest win of all!

4 To A Yahtzee Free Roll Bonus

This feature requires the Bonus symbol with five dice surrounding the word roll to appear five times on adjacent reels and it is like the bonus game outlined above. This time however, you are presented with four dice that have already been rolled that match one number and you get to roll the fifth and final dice in the hope of creating a Yahtzee, and if you’re really lucky and roll another one you’ll be scooping the Back to Back Yahtzee Jackpot which is worth 40,000 coins!

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