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Sea of Tranquility Slot Machine

Take a deep breath and relax! Tranquility means to be in a state of calmness but it’s tough not to burst into a ball of excitement when you play Sea of Tranquility as there are huge wins to be had!

The Sea of Tranquility logo is positioned above the reels with planets surrounding them in a purple haze, but once you click to spin the reels they expand to cover the whole screen. A relaxing ambience is set with the soft and gentle soundtrack that accompanies the reels spinning, so relaxing in fact that you’ll have to concentrate hard not to fall asleep in a dreamy state of mind, and you’ll get to encounter the sleeping crescent moon, owls, mystical ladies, ships to take you on a voyage as you snore away, and much more – you’ll have to pinch yourself to realise the wins are reality!

This out of body experience is a pleasant change from the adrenaline pumping slots that are so prevalent nowadays. It is played across 5 reels and 30 paylines with a generous 95.85% RTP and offers stakes from 30p up to £150 per spin. Combine this fantastic setup with the innovative Close Enough feature and a spectacular free spins mode where you could spin the reels up to fifty times for free and it’s easy to see why the Sea of Tranquility slot machine is so popular at UK online casinos that offer WMS slots.

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Sea of Tranquility

Casino of the year 2022

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2022

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Stunning Stacked Symbols

The symbols in Sea of Tranquility are quite simply stunning, with thirteen featuring on the reels in total. A neon green shooting star leads the way as the Wild and the most valuable symbol of all, and when this appears on the reels it becomes an expanded Wild symbol with the ability to substitute for all standard symbols, but not the Bonus symbol. In this case the Bonus symbol is the sleeping crescent moon and you’ll need at least two of them to trigger the free spins mode.

My favourite symbols are the Lady, Ship and Owl which all appear on the reels stacked plus you will also see a nightcap, a jar of fireflies, and a golden coin in addition to the Ace to 10 playing card symbols which, as usual, offer the smallest payouts of all.

Oh, So Close!

When you first load the Sea of Tranquility slot machine you will notice that it is designed a little differently than normal as you can see the symbols that fall just outside of the reels to show you just how close you were to landing symbols you need for a big winning combination, but don’t worry, it’s not set up like this just to tease you.

This is the fantastic Close Enough feature that WMS have developed, and rather than seeing you curse your luck, WMS have been generous as whenever a Wild or Bonus symbol appears in the areas just outside of the payline positions they actually come into play. Whenever this occurs with the Wild it becomes an expanded Wild symbol and fills the whole reel, and this happens very frequently to provide you with additional winning combinations.

Wakey-Wakey It’s Free Spins Time

Whenever you land the sleeping crescent moon symbol (Bonus) on the reels two or more times on the same spin the moon will wake up from its tranquil dreams in a burst of excitement to reward you with a very rewarding free spins mode, with the following number of spins achievable:

Two Bonus Symbols: 7 free spins plus 2x your total stake

Three Bonus Symbols: 10 free spins plus 5x your total stake

Four Bonus Symbols: 20 free spins plus 10x your total stake

Five Bonus Symbols: 50 free spins plus 25x your total stake

No, you aren’t dreaming, it really is this rewarding – and it gets even better than this. Throughout the free spins mode the Lady, Ship and Owl symbols will all substitute for each other to further increase your opportunities to win, the Close Enough feature remains active throughout, plus free spins can be re-triggered rather easily thanks to only needing a minimum of two Bonus symbols.

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