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Red Flag Fleet Slot Machine

Ahoy there matey! It’s time to board a pirate ship and sail the stormy seas in search of ships to raid in a slot that is based on a fleet controlled by oriental pirates along the waters of the South China Sea back in the 1800’s.

Ching Shih was a prostitute who struck up a relationship with Zhèng Yi who was already a successful pirate controlling a fleet of ships aptly named the ‘ Red Flag Fleet’, hence the title. Their fleet grew from 200 to around 600 ships before Zhèng was caught in a typhoon and failed to survive before his second in command Chang Pao took over the fleet to assist Ching in the search for fortunes.

Voyage Across the Sea

This voyage across the sea utilises the Reel Boost game engine which was also used in the Zeus III slot machine meaning that there are 6 reels and 192 fixed paylines, but the first reel contains 2 positions with each reel increasing the number of positions by one until the sixth reel which contains 7 positions. Boasting an impressive 96.04% RTP, you can adjust the number of coins bet to spin the reels from 40p up to £80 per spin, it boasts a free spins mode where you will sail off with lots of loot, plus you’ll enjoy the sounds of waves crashing into the pirate ship and a gentle oriental soundtrack, while winning combinations are represented by a green rope indicating the paylines across the reels in keeping with the naval theme which is another nice touch.

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Red Flag Fleet

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2022

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Five Oriental Pirates and More

There are eleven symbols in total featured in the Red Flag Fleet slot machine, two of which are special symbols. The first of these is of course the Wild symbol which has the usual Wild rules of being able to substitute for all others aside from the Bonus symbol and it is represented by the Red Flag Fleet logo. The Bonus symbol is much more fun as it is a large pirate ship with three or more of these needed to activate the free spins mode.

Five oriental pirates make an appearance in this voyage too – three of which are female pirates (with the most valuable one presumably being Ching Shih herself), plus two male pirates (who are most likely representing Zhèng Yi and Chang Pao) and they have all been designed superbly.

Unfortunately, Ace, King, Queen and Jack symbols complete the range of symbols you’ll encounter which is a shame as a ship wheel, wooden barrels, swords, and pirate hats could all have been more appropriate alternatives.

A Fleet of Ships for Free Spins

A fleet of pirate ships may be a view that strikes fear into most people, but you’ll be welcoming the fleet with open arms as it sees the slot machine too afraid to request a fee to spin the reels and you’ll be enjoying a rewarding free spins mode instead. The number of free spins depends on the number of scattered pirate ship symbols that you land between the second and sixth reels, as follows:

Three Pirate Ships – 5 free spins

Four Pirate Ships – 10x your stake and 12 free spins

Five Pirate Ships – 50x your stake and 40 free spins

Interestingly, the reels are also flipped over before your free spins commence so the first reel now has seven positions, the second has six and so on. On top of this either two or three of the reels will be transformed into Wild reels on each and every one of your free spins which greatly boosts your chance of walking away with lots of loot – plus three or more pirate ship symbols landing between the first and fifth reels sees five additional free spins added to your counter!

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