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Frozen Inferno Slot Machine

Fire and ice are common elements found in online slots with a fantasy theme and while the setting is often one or the other, Frozen Inferno can see you enter a frozen world as well as a fiery lair with the choice falling on your shoulders as you must decide which Wizard you’d like to side with which will determine your setting.

Either way, there are lots of magical wins to be had while he waves his wand around making magical spells in this epic encounter!

Two Worlds Collide

Upon loading the Frozen Inferno slot machine which has been developed by WMS, you’ll have to pick to side with the fire wizard or the ice wizard by choosing between Frozen spins and Inferno spins. In Frozen spins, you’ll hear strong gusts of wind in the arctic temperatures as snow falls in the background with blue symbols used on the reels while Inferno spins will take you to a fiery lair where you’ll hear flames roar in anger.

Played across 5x4 reels and 40 fixed paylines, this fantasy-themed online slot boasts a 96.36% and allows you to stake up to £200 each spin in the hope that the wizard works his magic to deliver you big wins, but be careful as changing the size of your bet will see the Sticky Wild symbols reset back to the beginning – very annoying if you’ve accumulated a few already. Sticky Wilds may be the main feature here as they are forever present on the reels, but there is also a free spins mode offering unlimited free spins, but you won’t want them to go on forever, read on to learn why!

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Frozen Inferno

Casino of the year 2023

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2023

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Sticky or Roving Wizards

You’ll be overwhelmed by the stunning surroundings no matter what choice you make with the symbols on the reels only adding to the mystical vibes that the wizard gives off, but it’s the Wilds that really bring Frozen Inferno to life.

The Wild symbol will either be laden with ice or fire depending on the world you entered and you’ll start off proceedings by having one of them in the central position of the third reel, however there are differences between them which may help you swing whether to go with ice or fire.

During Frozen spins, each of the ice symbols will transform into another Wild symbol to become a Sticky Wild symbol until four of them are on the reels with an ice Bonus symbol then landing activating the free spins feature. Meanwhile, during Inferno spins it’s a Transferring Wild symbol that the flames represent as it moves one position at a time, and again landing a fire Bonus symbol when four are on the reels will trigger free spins.

Casting a Spell on You

Of course, it’s not just Wilds on the reels. The sight of the wizard’s castle on a hilltop is one to behold, there are various potions he uses when cooking up spells, mystical orbs are dotted around the place, sinister skulls with lit candles provide a little light so you can navigate your way through the creepy darkness, you’ll see him clutch hold of his staff and aim it towards the reels to bring you luck, plus there are rings, scrolls and glowing ruin stones to be found.

Unlimited Free Spins… Until 5 Wins

Having four ice or fire Wilds on the reels at once before landing the Bonus symbol will activate the free spins feature, and WMS proudly boast in the paytable that it’s unlimited free spins, but don’t jump off your seat in delight just yet as you’ll actually want them to be over and done with as quickly as possible!

That’s because the spins are unlimited until you achieve five wins and then the feature will stop. Both types of Wild symbols will appear on the reels no matter what mode you are playing in to provide you with a greater chance to win, with the biggest wins coming whenever you have already landed a few of them on the reels.

Wild Times Await

We’ve been in the presence of mystical wizards before, with the Win Wizard slot machine from Novomatic and Winning Wizards slot machine from Microgaming being two of our favourites, but with a darker theme that sees you pick between two settings, Sticky and Transferring Wilds, plus a free spins feature, this could be our new favourite wizard to mix with as he waves his staff and casts spells that deliver huge wins!

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