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Cool Jewels Slot Machine

Make sure you’re wrapped up warm as you’ll find yourself in a frosty Artic setting with icicles surrounding the reels as a rather relaxing and mystical tune plays out in the background before the host greets you stating “Welcome to Cool Jewels” in a rather robotic tone. It might be cold enough to make you shiver and see your breath turn to mist but it’s all worth it as you’ll enjoy a fast paced, action packed slot that is simply bursting with big wins!

Bejeweled Meets Candy Crush

Upon first loading the Cool Jewels slot machine you will instantly think that it’s a crossover between the Bejeweled slot machine from IGT and the social media game Candy Crush which has taken the world by storm.

It’s a 6-reeled slot machine that is played on a 6x6 grid with a pay per symbol meter on the left of the grid and a free games meter on the right. It boasts a high return to player percentage of 96.10% with cool stakes ranging from 50p up to £200 per spin and you’ll set out to crush the reels thanks to the cascading reels feature, three different types of Wild symbols, and an exciting free spins mode that will see you having a gem of a time!

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Cool Jewels

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2022

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Cascading Symbols and Several Wilds

The combination of cascading symbols and a trio of Wild symbols is a recipe which can only result in one thing – an explosion of big wins that certainly turn the heat up!

The cascading reels feature is a welcome inclusion in the Cool Jewels slot machine as it sees you work your way through eight levels of symbol values which increase dramatically each time with the aim being to match four or more of the same symbol either vertically or horizontally, which then results in those symbols being destroyed and replaced by new symbols to offer yet more winning possibilities.

While most online slots we have reviewed feature one Wild symbol, Cool Jewels packs a punch by including three of them. It’s important that you familiarise yourself with the types of Wild symbol on the reels by checking out the pay table as they offer different benefits. The Shocking Wilds destroy symbols diagonally from its centre, the Exploding Wilds destroy all symbols that surround it, and the Blasting Wilds destroy the symbols vertically and horizontally in its path.

In addition to this Enhancement features occur whenever Wild symbols combine in winning combinations. Exploding and Blasting Wilds see a pink watermark left for the next spin with the symbols that land in this area destroyed to create new wins. Exploding and Shocking Wilds leave a green watermark with symbols in this area Wild for the next spin. Finally, Blasting and Shocking Wilds see a blue watermark left with symbols paid at 10x their current value, while if you manage to clutch hold of a big shiny diamond it will be paid at 100x the value.

Enjoy 8-20 Free Spins

Rather than starting a free spins feature by the conventional means of landing a certain number of symbols on the reels, you’ll actually have to destroy four or more of the Cool Jewels logo symbols using the Wild symbols in order to access this feature. While that might sound like a difficult task, it actually isn’t because they appear very frequently, and the series of explosions will dictate the number of free spins that you’ll receive from a minimum of 8 up to a maximum of 20 as follows.

• Four Cool Jewel Symbols – 8 free spins

• Five Cool Jewel Symbols – 10 free spins

• Six Cool Jewel Symbols – 15 free spins

• Seven Cool Jewel Symbols – 20 free spins

If you manage to go on a really lucky streak and land even more Cool Jewel symbols you will be rewarded with five additional free spins each time.

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