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Online Video Poker Games

Video poker used to be the preserve of big casinos in the US and Australia. These days, however, the full range of great video poker games can be found at dozens of online casinos at the click of a mouse.

Video poker is quick to pick up, easy to win at, and the potential jackpots can be huge. The hardest choice you'll have is deciding where to play.

Try out some of the great video poker variations via our links below, then find yourself a great real-money casino to test your skills and win some cash.

Free to Play Video Poker Games

How To Play Video Poker Online

If you've played 5-card Draw poker you'll pick up Video Poker easily.

You're dealt five cards on-screen, and you'll have the option of holding (keeping) or throwing away the cards. Just click on the cards you want to hold and the remaining cards will be re-dealt.

You'll get paid out depending on the quality of the five-card hand you're left with.

What's great about video poker is that the payouts and minimum qualifying winning hands are clearly displayed at the top of the screen. Payouts vary from version to version, but in general you'll need a pair of jacks or better to open the wins.

In a game of Jacks or Better - a popular variant of online Video Poker - you'll get paid 1 coin for a pair of jacks, with two pair getting you 2 coins. 3-of-a-kind earns you 3 coins, and so on. A royal flush (five cards, 10-J-Q-K-A, in the same suit, in any order) wins you 800 coins, while a sequential royal flush (10-J-Q-K-A, suited and in that order) gets you 2000 coins.

Betting is done in coins, and you can usually bet between 1 and 5 coins per hand, with a varying stake per coin.

Popular Video Poker Games

While you won't find as many video poker variations online as you will slots, there's still a decent range of games available for real money or freeplay.

Jacks or Better — The simplest, and most popular, variant of video poker is Jacks or Better. Hit a pair of jacks and you'll bag the minimum prize. A royal flush is worth 4,000 coins when betting 5 coins per hand. At some online casinos you can find 10-lines Jacks or Better which gives you multiple paylines to hit at once.

Deuces Wild — As the name suggests, all 2s in a hand count as Wilds and substitute for all other cards. It means you'll be hitting much better hands on average, but the payouts will decrease to reflect that.

Double Joker — Instead of one wild card, Double Joker features two. Again, the payout structure will be affected by having two wild cards in the deck but it can lead to some crazy, big hands.

Power Poker/4-Line Poker — Why play one boring line of video poker when you can play four at once? That's the beauty of Power Poker, or 4-line Poker as it's called in some places. You play four hands at once and replicate the same held cards across all hands to give you an even better chance of a big score. Hit a joker or Wild in there and your profits are looking a lot rosier.

Aces and Eights — Named after the legendary hand held by 'Wild Bill' Hickok when he was shot dead in a saloon in Deadwood, Aces and Eights features special high payouts on a four of a kind (with either aces or eights).

All American Video Poker — If you like your action fast, strap in for some All American video poker. It's played like Jacks or Better, but while a royal flush pays the standard prize bigger payouts are dished out for a straight, flush and full house. It means your strategy is altered a little as you gamble on hitting those diamond flushes and boats.

Progressive Video Poker — Like progressive jackpot slots, progressive video poker games collect a percentage of each wager and pool it for anyone hitting the Royal Flush. With so much pooled prize money, progressive video poker jackpots can be huge.

Play Video Poker For Real Money Today

Ready to give the best video poker games online a go? Check out our freeplay links right here, then sign up for a real-money account at one of our top casinos.

You'll find lots of great real-cash games with big jackpots and fast action. And when you trigger a welcome bonus, you can use your video poker play to contribute to a top bonus requirement.

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