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6-Reel Slots

As the name suggests, 6-reel slots play with an unconventional six reels instead of the usual five. They can come with a conventional 3x6 or 4x6 payout, or - in the case of WMS's Reel Boost games - feature staggered reels.

Usually you'll be playing hundreds of paylines at once - or "win ways" - similar to a 720-payline or 243-ways-to-win slot. Rather than hitting conventional paylines you'll win prizes for matching symbols on neighbouring reels.

Enjoy 6-reel Slots Online For Free at

  • Play across hundreds or thousands of 'paylines'
  • Hit stacked symbols like Wilds and Scatters
  • Enjoy big wins and special bonus features

How Do 6-Reel Online Slots Work?

There are different types of 6-reel slots out there on the net. Traditionally, they have come from popular land-based slot machines developed by WMS Gaming (Williams Interactive) and come in two flavours: regular slots with four rows and 6 reels, and Reel Boost games with staggered reels.

Common features of regular 6-reel slots:

  • Up to 4,096 paylines, played 'Any Way'
  • Lots of Wilds and Wild multipliers
  • Free Spins rounds

Regular 6-reel slots are played across four rows to give players as many paylines as possible. In fact, you can expect over 4,000 paylines as wins are calculated not on regular paylines but on hitting matching symbols on adjacent reels.

Features of 'Reel Boost' 6-reel slots:

  • Staggered reels from two to seven symbols per reel
  • 192 paylines covering all options
  • Stacked symbols and Wilds on all reels

The difference with Reel Boost slots is the layout of the reels. There are six reels but Reel 1 features just two symbols, Reel 2 three symbols, and so on. Reel 6 has seven symbols, and the icons typically appear stacked for bigger wins.

Awesome Reels: WMS has taken the 6-reel slot further with the introduction of 'Awesome Reels' (or 'AWESOME REELS' in US upper-case spelling).

These live casino slots work as 6x4 slots, and have 4,096 win ways. However, they also feature added bonuses like Awesome Burst, Awesome Multiplier, and Awesome Respin. Games like Lady of Athens, Lone Wolf, and Tiger's Realm II form part of the series.

Finding the Best 6-Reel Online Slots

WMS leads the way in 6-reel slots, but the rise of social games has led to some interesting variants on the classic online slot - some of which don't even look like slots. Let's take a look at some popular 6-reel slots on the market right now.

Raging Rhino (WMS)

Raging Rhino is typical of WMS Gaming's standard 6-reel games. Paylines - or 'Win Ways' - run left to right and pay out as long as you land three or more matching symbols next to each other on the reels.

Of course, because you HAVE to hit symbols starting from Reel 1 you can often end up missing out entirely. The presence of Wilds can negate this with some juicy 8x wins but they can be few and far between (and only appear on Reels 2-5). 6-reel slots are not for the faint-hearted.

  • Lines Play: Left to Right
  • Placing Bets: With 4,096 fixed "ways" (NOT paylines), your bankroll is going to take a big hit. That's why even small wallets can manage the stakes.

A Total Bet is set at £0.40 to start with, but you can adjust the stake by increasing the 'Bet Multiplier' on the game screen. The multiplier goes up to 150x - making a maximum bet of £60 per spin.

Any wins are multiplied by the Bet Multiplier, which is why it's important to bet as much as you can afford.

Zeus III (WMS)

One of WMS's hit slot machines in the Vegas casinos, Zeus III forms part of the developer's Reel Boost series (with Red Flag Fleet, among others).

In the game there are six reels featuring 2-7 stacked symbols and Wilds. The 'Wild Reel' feature triggers when you fill an entire reel with Zeus Wilds. As there are 192 paylines, this can lead to some seriously massive wins.

There's also a Free Spins bonus feature in the game, triggered by hitting three or more Scatters on Reels 2-6. Players can earn 10-50 free spins, and the bonus round features a Wild that "nudges" up or down.

  • Lines Play: Left to Right
  • Placing Bets: As in regular 4,096-ways slots, the Reel Boost slots start with a Total Bet worth £0.40. Players then increase their 'Bet Multiplier' with a handy + and - button. Any wins are multiplied by the multiplier. In Reel Boost games there's a top Bet Multiplier of 200x, meaning you can spin for £80 per game if your budget allows.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 6-Reel Slots

The chance to bag jackpots worth hundreds of thousands is, of course, an attractive prospect. However, it's important to work out your budget first.

In WMS's Reel Boost games, wins start from the first reel. However, the first reel only has two symbols on it, making it hard to get a winning payline started. Even stacked symbols aren't helpful if you constantly hit the wrong kind of stacked symbol.

6-reel slots are for the slots junkies who love some high variance. You can spank a big portion of your bankroll in a few seconds, but string together two or three big spins and the profits will keep coming in.

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