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3D Slot Machines

There are slots and then there are 3D slots. If you're looking for the biggest and best games in the 21st century that come packed with slick animation, immersive bonus features and cool storylines, track down a top 3D slot.

3D slots are video slots with a difference: the same multiple paylines and features like Wilds and Scatters are present and correct, but with 3D games you get more - a lot more.

Let's take a look at some of the reasons why 3D slots are THE games to enjoy in this new generation if iGaming.

How to Play 3D Slots

3D slot machines - found in Aussie bars and clubs, but at online casinos - are essentially souped-up video slots.

They can be operated via the touch-screen or physical buttons, while land-based 3D slots may also have bonus wheels situated above the machines.

The '3D' element comes in with the animation and cutaway sequences you'll find in the games. Bonus rounds may consist of video footage from a film or TV show, or key characters may animate on the screen to award special bonus cash.

As with video slots, 3D slots stakes are set via the 'Coins' and 'Max Bet' buttons, and multiple paylines can be selected before playing.

Special Features & Bonuses

Because of their power, 3D slots usually have more in-depth and rewarding bonus features.

While the usual free spins and instant wins will be included, 3D slots go one further. The 'iSlots' have immersive 'storylines' where your position can be saved midway through a bonus round. Players can then revisit the game later on and take on the bonus where they left off last game.

If you're playing a branded 3D slot you can sometimes enjoy actual video footage from a Hollywood blockbuster or TV hit. The film footage may even be related to the bonus round itself (whether it's a skill-based target practice style game or driving through obstacles).

And it's in skill-based features that 3D slots are changing the landscape of games in 2016. Where once free spins or random progressive jackpots gave the player no power over the outcome whatsoever, skill bonuses require a little more input from the gambler. You might have to knock a golf ball into a hole or take out a few bad guys with a well-aimed shot; whatever it is, the 3D game will be slick, the graphics crisp, and the payouts handsome.

Developers to Watch

Not every developer wants to be Ainsworth or Aristocrat, churning out nice, old-school slots that feature minimal paylines, lousy RTPs and no bonuses.

For some developers, it's all about the big features, tasty graphics and innovative gameplay. The latest 3D pioneers, we salute you.

If you're looking for great online slots, BetSoft has it covered. BetSoft boasts state-of-the-art, 'true 3D' graphics and sound FX which put you right in the middle of the game.

The popular Good Girl, Bad Girl, lets you control the game (see what we mean about immersive gameplay?) with players allowed to pick from 'bad' or 'good' and play the reels the way they want.

Meanwhile, beautiful games like Pinocchip, Event Horizon and Slots Angels form part of the developer's 'Slots3' portfolio and offer features like Wandering Wilds, Dancing Wilds, and synced reels.

Play Top 3D Slots For Free at

You'll find great 3D slots in many casinos, but online fans will find a decent selection of 3D slots at the best online sites in 2016.

Luckily, at we have hundreds of free slots from the biggest 3D developers like BetSoft, iSoftbet and NetEnt.

Have a browse of our free-to-play games today and see if an all-singing, all-dancing 3D slot is for you. Then join up with one of our top casinos and play the games for real money.

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