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Let It Ride

"Let It Ride!" is a common cry at racecourses across the US. Essentially, it's an accumulator, or parlay bet, where the gambler lets his winnings carry forward to the next race.

The method is also the main feature in the casino game, Let It Ride.

Also known as Let 'Em Ride or Poker Ride, Let It Ride works a little like Texas Hold'em: the player is dealt three cards face up, and two 'community cards' are dealt face down. The aim is to bet on each stage, or 'street', of the hand, improving your hand as you go. Beat the dealer's poker hand and you'll scoop a win.

To the uninitiated, the nuances of Let It Ride can be a little confusing. Luckily, most online casinos offer free-play games to get you started.

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History of Let It Ride

Like many online games, the first Let It Ride games appeared under the Bally/Shufflemaster banner. However, the game was popular in US casinos long before the Internet took over.

The game has lost its appeal in recent years due to a relatively unfavourable house edge of around 3.51%. But the draw of Casino Hold'em, Caribbean Stud and Three-Card Poker has led to a resurgence.

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Let it Ride

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How to Play Let It Ride Online

Let It Ride is a variant of Stud or Hold'em. Players are dealt three cards face up and two cards are dealt to the board. These down-cards act as 'community' cards and are shared by both the player and dealer.

The aim of the game is to finish with the best five-card poker hand possible. You will be paid out according to the strength of your hand.

Placing Bets

Ante: The initial bet is called the 'ante'. This is placed in the spot clearly marked 'Ante'. Your three up-cards will be dealt, plus the two face-down community cards.

Raise 1: Now you have to make a decision on whether to continue. You can 'cruise' to the next round, which is progressing without making a raise. You can also make a raise (equal to your ante) by placing another chip in the 'Raise' area.

Raise 2: The first down card will be flipped over. You add this to your three cards, and make another decision - to call or raise. The second down-card is flipped over and you can complete your five-card hand.

You will now be paid out according to the strength of your hand. The minimum qualifying hand is a pair of 10s, and pays even-money (1-1).

Let It Ride Payouts

Royal Flush 1000-1
Straight Flush 200-1
Four of a Kind 50-1
Full House 11-1
Flush 8-1
Straight 5-1
Three of a Kind 3-1
Two Pairs 2-1
A Pair of Tens or better 1-1

Side bet: There is also a side bet option in some variants of Let It Ride. These side bets give you a chance of winning the progressive jackpot if you hit a Royal Flush. Typically, a Straight Flush will award the player 10% of the progressive prizepool.

Example Hand:

You sit down at a Let It Ride table. The ante is £1 minimum.

Deal: You place a £1 chip on the Ante spot and you are dealt:

Jh 7c 4d

Fourth Card: You don't like the look of your hand, so you click on the 'Continue' button to see what the first down card brings.

The fourth card comes the Ah which doesn't improve your hand much.

Fifth Card: You decide to continue again, not making a raise. The final down card is flipped over, to reveal the Js. Your pair of jacks qualifies and wins you £2 (£1 plus your original £1 stake).

Example 2:

Deal: You bet £5 to start the hand. You are dealt 10d Kd Ad, giving you the chance to hit a pair of kings, a pair of aces, a flush, straight, or Royal Flush.

Fourth card: You decide to raise this time, and a further £5 is placed on the first 'Raise' spot. The 5d is dealt out, giving you a flush draw.

Fifth card: You opt to raise once again, and place another £5 on the second Raise spot. The final card comes the As. You have missed your flush but you've hit a pair of aces, winning 1/1 on each of your ante and raise bets.

Let It Ride Top Tips

1 - Learn the Best Starting Hands

As in poker, picking the right hands to raise with is vital. If you get dealt a pair of tens, obviously two raises is the way to go, as you'll pick up even-money wins for each bet. You can find many 'three-card' strategies online, but generally you should 'let it ride' with a pair of 10s or higher, three of a kind, a 3-card straight flush, or a 3-card Royal Flush. Suited "gappers" like J-9-8, 10-9-7 and 10-8-7 are good too.

2 - Only Raise with Four Cards if You Have a Winner

There's no point chasing unlikely hands when you have four cards showing. Once you get to the fourth card you should already have a winner. But you should also have some value when trying to form a better hand. Open-ended straights, four-to-a-flush, a pair of 10s or better, and two-pair are solid 4-card hands with which to proceed to a fifth card.

3 - Be Wary of the Variants

Most online casinos operate a form of Let It Ride where additional bets are made depending on your hand. However, in the classic version, players make ALL raise bets BEFORE the hand starts. They then have the option to remove bets from the table or stick with their wager after each card is drawn. Give a few casinos a try before you settle on a variant of the game you enjoy.

Let It Ride Glossary

Ante - Initial bet to start a game
Bet - A wager on a game of Let It Ride
Chips - Markers that are used to bet on a game of Let It Ride
Continue - Carry on with a hand without raising the bet
Deal - Used to start the game after you place a wager. You get 3 cards face up and the Dealer gets 2 cards face down
Dealer - Croupier in charge of the game
House - The casino running the game
House Edge - Advantage the casino has over the players in the long-term
Progressive Jackpot - Optional side bet worth $1 which gives players a portion of the jackpot if they hit a Straight Flush or Royal Flush. Chips are also awarded if you hit a full house, flush or straight
Raise - An additional bet that is double the ante. The dealer’s cards are then revealed and compared to yours to determine a winner
Rebet - Automatically bet the same as the previous game
Side Bet - Progressive jackpot bet made during the game
Wager - Bet

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