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Slot Tournaments

Enjoy a different type of online gaming, where exciting tournaments make your winnings into so much more! With a different slot every weekend, you have the opportunity to show everyone who the real high roller is!

Online slot tournaments have become increasingly popular with plenty of online casinos now offering both freeroll tournaments and buy-in, or “sit n’ go”, tournaments. Most slot tournaments last between 5 and 10 minutes and there are several freerolls every day. It requires you to download a casino and set up a free account of course, but if you want bang for your buck and some good entertainment, then online slot tournaments are perfect.

Most of the casinos that run online slot tourneys use Microgaming software – and to be honest, that has a bespoke tournament module that makes it the best software and games for this. However, there are one or two other casinos like Omni Casino who use the Playtech platform and run freeroll tournaments too. With some big prizes in fact.

As much as I enjoy Playtech games, the Microgaming tournaments are more engrossing. The automatic Tournament module means you have dynamic leaderboards and timers while the Playtech tournaments are much more manual with daily updates to leaderboards and no time limits except the duration of the promotional period as a tournament is regarded as a promotion. The plus side to the Playtech slot tournaments is that you can pretty much play any game while Microgaming only offers a limited tournament games list, although with some great games like Immortal Romance, the original Thunderstruck and the sequel to that, Thunderstruck 2 which is another 243 Ways to Win game.

The Microgaming tourneys take two formats: firstly, the freerolls which are free to enter but – Qualifiers excepted – generally have smaller prizes. Or there are the buy In tourneys which generally have small entry fees but bigger prizes. To be honest, in both instances, you will probably need to re-invest in re-buys to get among the top prizes.

USA Slot Tournaments

Unfortunately, when it comes to the USA, players don’t have any online slot tournament options right now. This is because regulation is seeping its way across a few States. In fact, casinos that traditionally took US players for online slot tournaments no longer do so.

Players in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada may find something will crop up at one of the licensed State casinos in the near future but players from other States will have a longer wait.

Here are a couple of slot tourney tips:

    Once you’ve started spinning, don’t stop! You should be able to get about 10-12 spins per minute on a good day so don’t waste any time between spins. You will be able to see where you rank in the tournament all the way through in a small window.

    If you get Free Spins, this will not extend your time. So, if they come at the last minute you may not get them all, especially on Thunderstruck.

    The online slot tournament disables the “Autoplay” feature and the “Quickspin” option – this means that you have to spin manually and each spin can take 4-5 seconds to complete.

    Don’t start immediately when the tournament goes into PLAY – wait, if only for 30 seconds as the first couple of spins could take forever while everyone hits the SPIN button simultaneously!

Freeroll Slot Tournaments

The concept of freeroll slot tournaments is similar to that of poker freeroll tournaments – basically, they are free to participate in and have cash prizes. Microgaming recently launched their slot tournaments software to several online casinos offering a variety of online slot tourneys including freerolls every two hours.

The freerolls are available on most slot tournaments run by Microgaming and involve older games like Tombraiderand Thunderstruck, Avalon and Loaded alongside some of the newer 243 Ways to Win games like Thunderstruck II and Immortal Romance.

Freeroll tournaments generally run every two hours or so and like the buy-in tourneys, they generally last 5 minutes, with a few running for 10 minutes and some exclusives longer still.

How to play the Freeroll Tournaments

This is pretty easy: simply download the casino software from your selected casino and register a “real money” account. Once installed, the software will proceed to download the games, and you will see a link in the casino lobby to “Slot Tournaments”. Click on this to view a list of all the online slottournaments currently “In Play” and open for registration or scheduled, both freeroll and optional buy-in tournaments, and select each one to see the time they kick off, the prize money on offer and the rules of the tourney.

There is no limit to the number of players that can enroll in each freeroll – the numbers vary from 600 – 1000 in general, and the same freerolls are played across the Microgaming network, except in special circumstances where the casino has set up their own tournament. All Jackpots usually have some exclusive freeroll slot tournaments with prizes up to £5k, while the normal ones have prize pots that vary from £50 all the way up to £20,000. Each week there is a “20k weekender” which you can either pay £20 to enter or qualify to via the regular “feeder” freerolls that run every day. The top prize is £5k with various smaller prizes on offer.

Worth noting is that once you have done the tournament, you have the option to buy more time for £5 – £20 depending on the tournament. If you find yourself quite high in the ranking, this can be a useful way of solidifying your position or climbing higher in the ranking.

As you play the freerolls, you will see your current position in a small “league table” inside the software so you can keep a tab on your position. Each slot tournament ends after your allotted time is up, however, most freeroll slot tournaments in the Microgaming software are open for 15 or 30 minutes so you don’t have to be there at the start. In fact, you may find it better to wait for 5 minutes before starting the freeroll tournaments as there can be some lag in the busy schedule when everyone starts at once!

Microgaming Slot Tournaments – The Rules and the Games:

As many of you already know, when you use the download client casino on any Microgaming casino site you join you will find a “Tournaments” menu among which are the slot tournaments. There are “Freeroll” tournamentsand “Buy-In” tournaments.

Microgaming slot tournaments follow three formats; firstly ‘one shot’ which is exactly as the name suggests in that you have one chance to win a prize with no rebuys. The second is the ‘qualifier’ in which the tournament awards a place in the final round to say the first 100 positions. Lastly, as is usual with the ones with larger prizes you have the ‘reloader’- the opportunity to buy extra coins and minutes of play, even in the free tourneys.

As you will have noticed, the larger prizes attract the larger spenders who will rebuy and rebuy if they believe their final prize is likely to make them a profit on their investment. This, like everything, is the gamble they take. Sometimes a player will hit an extremely large win early on either in a free tournament or a paying one. If this happens early enough it often puts off others from rebuying as they will calculate that the cost of the extra chips along with their expected return from the game will be highly unlikely to gain them the top place – even if they got near after several rebuys, the person at the top would only need one or two to get back ahead. This is why you may see one player way out ahead at the top, unchallenged.

Many players simply enter the freebies. I have had several £5- £30 prizes for doing this. Then be aware the prizes are actually paid out to you as withdrawable cash, not bonus funds! MG tend to use the same group of games for tournaments, with one dropping out to be replaced by another every-so-often. Sometimes they will use a new game to promote it to players or a themed one for the time of year, i.e. Halloween or in December, Santa’s Wild Ride for the daily £50 freeroll.

Below, I provide you with a brief review of the most common games used in the tournaments, especially if – like most – you just want to play the freerolls:


This is a high-variance 9-liner, a simple game like BDBA. You have our daring Jane as the blonde Wild, a simple three scatters or more to obtain the 15 bonus spins at 3x stake with retriggers possible. The game is not as polished as BDBA and similarly gives dead spin after dead spin. Fortunately, in the freeroll, you only have to endure it for 15 spins as you start with 675 credits. The game is essentially a clone of the old favourite Thunderstruck 1 but with far more irritating sounds. As that slot features Thor with his long blonde hair, perhaps MG felt the need to create a female version...


An old favourite MG 9-liner slot which still has its aficionados, even with the advent of the more glamorous 243-way Thunderstruck 2. The game is exactly as Agent Jane Blonde described above, the Thor Wild, the three or more Scatters for the 15 free spins at 3x multiplier with possible retriggers. Similarly, you will mostly get dead spins, but high pay-outs for 5-line combos with a Wild, especially in the bonus spins. If there are a 1000 people in the freeroll and you get a 5-line of characters with a Wild in the bonus round you’ll almost certainly win it! You get 15 plays at maximum 45 credits bet in the freerolls.


As you would expect, the MG 243-way’ers make an appearance. Santa’s Wild Ride pays any three or more consecutive characters left-right and has a three-Scatter ‘sleigh keys’ trigger for 25 free spins. Occasionally a ‘Christmas Present’ will appear on a reel giving you 1-5x stake as a prize. The excitement is endless. Your bonus round gives 25 free spins with a choice of Stacked Wilds, Expanding Wilds or Sliding Wilds. This is just eye-candy; the chances of a big win are exactly the same whichever you choose. It is a high-variance game and you won’t see as many 5-line wins in normal play as compared to other 243-way games.

It is not unusual to have your 25 free spins and not even see one Wild, which in the base game is unlikely. What you are hoping for is the big multi-hundred times stake win when you get 3 or 4 reels wild in the bonus spins. Hit this and you’ll probably be in the top 5 in a freeroll.


This is a dull game in my opinion. It’s a simple 15-line game with Lara Croft Wilds, 3 Laras for free spins which are 10 at 3x multiplier with retriggers possible. It comes with action sounds from the brilliant Tomb Raider 1 game on the old Playstation 1.

There is little else to say, apart from that like the Hitman slot, Tomb Raider has an annoyingly frequent pick-me ‘bonus’ when you get three or more idol symbols on a win-line (left to right). You pick three idols from the 15 in the picture to reveal a cash prize. The free spins are what you really need if you are going to win a Tomb Raider tournament – like most of the tourney games to be fair.


Our shaven-headed assassin makes a frequent appearance in the larger five-day freerolls. Slightly lower variance than the three games above, it has three features. You will get 6000 credits so 30 plays at max. 200 stake. The worst and most often is the Scatters on reels 1, 2, 3 which offer a pick-me which will pay 2-20x stake. If you haven’t dozed off after this, you may see three or more ’18’ censor-type symbols anywhere on the reels.

These provide 18 free spins at 2x multiplier and if you don’t hit the third feature during them, will usually pay poorly. No retrigger, fortunately. The last feature can theoretically pay up to 900x stake. You need the three green computers on reels 3, 4, and 5 to see it. You now pick one of five characters to bump off with a choice of weapons, the result being multiplied by 2-6x.

Character One pays a minimum 6x stake up to 30x. Two pays 5x to 60x and so on to five which pays 2x to 150x stake. Always go for the fifth, as in a tournament you need a big hit and nothing less. Once selected the character will count up a fee for the hit between those amounts. Usually 2 – 6x stake and disappointment. Then you select your weapon which triggers a multiplier ladder which will multiply your fee 2-6 times over.

NB. If you get the max 150x stake on the fifth. character, I have noticed this will ALWAYS end up multiplied by 5….for 750x stake.

We have Wilds too, an expander on reels 2, 3 and 4 being the white Hitman. No multiplier but I have had over 1000x stake with the sniper on reel 1 and 5 in matching positions with the three centre Wilds. You may also notice you can see this Wild on reels 1 and 5 as they spin, even though it’s impossible to get it. Tsk tsk MG…


This 20-line classic is used daily for the £250 freeroll and also a 3-day freeroll at present. Threeor more scattered ‘Lady of the lake’ for 12 free spins which will award a random multiplier of 2-7x if a win occurs. Retriggers are possible plus the enhancement of the games’ top gold chest symbol substituting as a wild in the free spins as well as the standard White Avalon Wild. Haunting background music and big-win potential make this a charming and interesting slot. Despite the low-ish bonus round frequency, retriggers are quite common when you do get it. A decent bonus of 250x stake or more should see you hit a prize in a freeroll.

Remember you can only participate in the download casino and not the flash version. If you do win a freeroll prize, there is no wagering requirement and it can either be played as cash or withdrawn.

Good Luck!

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