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Jukebox 50,000 Slot Machine

If we’re being honest, we’ll admit that we’ve all pictured ourselves as being Sandy or Danny from Grease at some point. Who wouldn’t want to wear the Fonz’s jacket? It doesn’t get much bigger and better than the jukebox at the local hangout, but can this jukebox themed slot from SkillOnNet spin you the right way?

Will the Jukebox 50,000 video slot have you bobbing your head in time with the music? Keep reading our review below to find out!

Smacking the Jukebox

The game doesn’t exactly bounce from the word go with a simple introduction screen, uninspired music, and three discs that don’t work.

Things really kick in when the game begins though. This triggers a much funkier saxophone tune, with plenty of other upbeat music as well. It’s easy enough to mute the volume if you don’t “dig it” though, which is a nice touch.

There’s more grabbing your attention than just the music though, as the layout is also impressive. It’s obvious they’d go with a jukebox theme, but even so this game goes above and beyond. It does a great job of capturing the flair and energy of a jukebox and what made them so popular.

The name of the game is to the top, with colourful styled letters. Inside the jukebox are the three spinning reels, covered in symbols we’ll get to in a second. The theme is obvious, but it’s not overbearing.

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Jukebox 50,000

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Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

50,000 Gold Records

Jukebox 50,000 is arguably better than its 10,000-sized younger brother. It’s on another level in terms of gameplay, but remains easy to play at the same time. It couldn’t be simpler to adjust your bet and active paylines.

The biggest bet you can make is 3 coins per line for 15 paylines. If you know you’re going big, then hit the ‘Max Bet’ button to make a truly loaded wager.

The reel symbols are pretty well designed, including the speakers, a microphone, headphones, and gold records. The gold record is the symbol to watch for as it offers the biggest prize in the game. The second-biggest prize is a much smaller 2,000 coins for finding 2 gold records.

While the prizes might not be all that special, this is made up for as some symbols payout for one or two on screen more often than not.

Red or Green Gamble Feature

The theme stretches to the bonus features of Jukebox 50,000. You’ll get to choose whether the disk lands on red or green. Guess it right and watch your prize go up and up.

If you aren’t feeling lucky then you don’t need to risk your prize. Just take what you have and move on to the next spin. Other than this, bonus features are pretty scarce in the free Jukebox 50,000 slot.

Back to the Original

Jukebox 50,000 comes with simplistic online slots action that we feel plenty of players are going to love. If you’re looking for something similar to Jukebox 50,000 then there are some games you should try.

Our own recommendation for more is Jukepot from NextGen Gaming. Jukebox 10,000 is also another online casino game that can match this one; largely as it’s the SkillOnNet precursor to this title, so give it a go if you see it around.

Try Jukebox 50,000 for Free Today!

If you’re looking for loaded real cash payouts, big-time bonuses, and a story-based theme, then you likely aren’t looking for this game.

Other people are sure to enjoy it though. It’s enjoyable to play, great to look at, and it sounds great as you play it. This is one game that’s worth a spin or two, even if it doesn’t carry too much in the way of longevity.

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