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Candy Pop Slot

If you are anything like us, you definitely have a major sweet tooth. We would love to divulge on several delicious treats every day and miss dinner completely if we could. If only it were healthy! Donuts and candy and chocolate bars… these would be our dream! If you like candy, join us in this Candy feast with this Candy Pop software by Rabcat. It would help if you know some German, since the game is in German, but it’s not necessary.

This free online slot has everything you could dream of. The player can bet anywhere from 0.20 and 20 per spin. There are 20 paylines which give the player plenty of ways to win. If you would like to gamble your winnings, this game also provides the player with a gamble feature. Want to learn more? Read this review for all the information on the best and worst aspects of the game.

Love at First Sight?

The graphic design for this game was creative and we enjoyed looking at the different pieces of candy on screen. Being candy lovers, we could never get bored of graphics of candy. There are 9 different candy symbols, each of which give the player a different payout when landing 3 or more of the same piece of candy.

We were excited that there were some subtle animations which played when the winner won a payout. This was an interesting add-on to the game and brought the game to life. Given that the game is in a foreign language (foreign to us), German, we do believe that non-German speakers benefitted from seeing animations when a payout was obtained because it made the game easier to understand.

We weren’t too fond of the background music, which sounded like something you would expect to hear at an Orchestra. We did expect to hear something more fun in a candy-related game. We did feel that the background music was not relevant to the game and did not complement the game theme. We wanted to mute the music after a small amount of time. We were glad to see a faded music symbol signaling that we may mute the music of this game.

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Candy Pop

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

What If I Don’t Understand German?

Even if you do not understand German, like us, you can still play this game. It is quite intuitive in nature and it did not take us any time to get started. We must admit that understanding the PAY TABLE information, marked as GEWINNTABELLE was very difficult to understand being a non-German speaker, but we still stand by our statement that you do not need to understand German to be able to play this game, although it would help. After all, candy is a universal language!

Give Us Bonus Candy

This game, as with many other free online slot games, gives us several bonuses to enrich gameplay and give the players a better chance of obtaining some great payouts. This free Candy Pop slot game has a Wild symbol which can replace any other symbol other than the golden euro jackpot symbol.

We feel that it may be important to note that the player can be a bit of a risk taker and decide to gamble their winnings for a higher value, rather than simply collecting their winnings. In this case the player will need to decide between a chocolate ice cream cone and a plain ice cream cone. You might lose your winnings but if you win, the payouts would be a lot larger!

The golden euro jackpot symbol is the symbol we all were looking out for. If the player lands 3 of these golden euro symbols in a payline, the player will receive a payout of a percentage of the total jackpot depending on the line bet placed. For example, if the player lands 3 golden jackpot symbols and placed a line bet of 0.01, the player receives 1% of the jackpot, whereas if the player lands 3 golden jackpot symbols in a line and had a line bet of 1 (the max line bet), the player receives 100% of the total jackpot.

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