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Terminator Genisys Slot Review

Playtech has brought us another classic, Terminator Genisys slot machine, this time based on the 2015 film of the blockbuster franchise. Arnold is one of the main characters in this slot and he is ready for action.

The Terminator Genisys online slot is a game with 5 reels and 25 paylines. You can even win 5,000x the line bet and there are various features that can improve your winnings including wilds, multipliers, free spins and bonus games. Try this Terminator slot for free or play for real money to win the jackpot. Get ready for a slot game to remember!

Are You Ready for Arnold Schwarzenegger to Come to Life?

Terminator Genisys the movie sees John Connor, leader of the Human Resistance, take on Skynet in 2029. The artificial intelligence system activated a time machine and sent a T-800 back to 1984 to kill John’s mother, Sarah. Kyle Reese offered to travel back in time to protect Sarah and he discovered that a reprogrammed T-800 is watching out for her.

Join in this war against the machines when you play Terminator Genisys slot online. The game has 5 reels and 25 fixed paylines. You have to have a minimum of 0.25 credits to play for real money. You can raise your stake to the high limit of 2,500 credits if you think that you can defeat Skynet!

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Terminator Genisys

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Brain Chips, Terminator Symbols and Magnetic Gloves!

You can play Terminator Genisys for free on all mobile devices as the slot game has been mobile optimised for gambling on the go. Low winning symbols include brain chips and resistance rifles that are worth around 50x your bet line. If you land on magnetic gloves or a photograph of Sarah, that’s worth 75x while teddy bears are worth up to 100x your bet.  

When playing the Terminator Genisys slot machine, the high-win symbols are worth the wait. Whenever you land on a Cyborg T-800, you can win up to 150x your bet while a Kyle Reese and a John Connor symbol will get you a 250x and 500x respectively. The symbol of Sarah is worth 750x your bet while Terminator is 1,200x. Terminator symbols run as high as 5,000x. These wilds can also multiply line wins by 2x, 3x or 5x.

Run Wild with a Car Chase

One of the most dramatic scenes in the movie is the Terminator car chase. This is the bonus in the Terminator Genisys online slot game and is triggered at random. If you would like to help Sarah and Kyle escape the T-1000, you will have to play a simple pick’em game. You need to choose one of the five T-1000 symbols to reveal cash prizes, a multiplier bonus or a respin. This bonus feature appears more than you think, so keep your eyes peeled.

Choose Your Year With Scatter Symbols

When you’re playing the Terminator Genisys slot machine, you’re faced with a dilemma when you land on the scatter symbol on the first, third and fifth reel. This combination will activate the free games feature, and this will make you decide whether you would like to travel back to 1984 or 2017. You will be choosing between free spins with wild multipliers up to 5x or free spins with wild reels.

If you choose to travel back to 1984, you can save Sarah from the Terminators. You will receive 10 free spins with no retrigger feature. Underneath each reel, you will see a barrel and when this happens, the T-1000 has landed. The T-1000 will transform into a gold multiplier wild that is worth 2x, 3x or 5x and they will secure their place until you gain a win.

However, if you’re a risk taker, then travel to 2017. Your goal will be to end Skynet and save the world from Judgment Day. Now that’s a huge responsibility! But it comes with a good reward. Similar to 1984, you will receive 10 free spins. However, during this year, all wild symbols become a stack that locks its place until you get a win. The only drawback to this is that only one stack can be created per spin.

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