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Playtech have arguably the most active and electric production line the world of online casino software development in 2017. Seemingly not a month goes by where they don’t have a few new releases ready to roll out. Keeping up this active nature is a new game that carries a sense of celebration throughout its reels. What’s clear is that Party Line is pulling out the streamers, party hats, and more all in the sake of a good time.

Now, we know what you want to say, “we’ve seen countless party themed slot games before”, and you are not wrong there. But, as you should also know, when Playtech releases a new game, they try and put a fresh twist on the theme, so this should make Party Line a game worth exploring!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

When you think “party” in the world of slots, you probably think about over the top games that throw any and every visual cliché possible at players. Thankfully, the Party Line video slot doesn’t do that, well not at least in as obvious a fashion anyway. While the game does feature the likes of streamers and balloons on screen, it’s in a 2D and rather stripped back fashion.

The same approach applies to the reels and symbols in the game as well. It’s probably not going to be a look that’s to everyone’s taste; we can say that we rather enjoy the all-in-one-screen, somewhat stripped back look of Party Line.

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Party Line

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Getting in the Party Spirit

This game challenges players to spin the night away, but before that can happen, a player needs to place a wager. Coin values in Party Line video slot range between 0.01 and 0.03 in value, with up to 3 coins applicable per line.

Affordable is probably an apt way to describe Party Line, as the game hardly goes over the top on the cost front. Looking at the prize factor here, it all ties in with Playtech’s other 3-reel releases. So, with 3 coins placed as a wager, you can look to win between 15x and 4,000x your baseline bet during any single spin. To be honest, the base game is probably the biggest drawback of Party Line, as it really does stop short when it comes to thrills.

Half-Baked at Best

Party Line builds you up with its looks, only to actually let you down when it comes to fun. There isn’t a single bonus feature in this game at all, so replay value is a real issue that this game suffers with. At minimum, when we loaded up this game we expected to find Wild symbols and Scatter symbols, only to find nothing of the sort. There isn’t even an Autoplay mode included. Playtech have really phoned it in when it comes to the free Party Line slot, as the lack of bonus games and mini-games here really is nothing short of shocking.

Get Ready to Boogie

We don’t really know why you would want to play a game like Party Line, unless you want your online slots action to be straight, sullen, and to the point.

However, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t make a recommendation or two to those who do want to experience more of the same. If this happens to be you, we would probably point you in the direction of Jungle Boogie and Crazy 7, two other 3 reel, 3 payline playtech releases that are actually more enjoyable than Party Line.

Try Party Line for Free Today!

Party Line sets itself up so well, as it’s a slight visual twist on what players might have expected from a game of this name. Sadly, things really do go askew from there.

The gameplay is nothing above average, while the lack of bonus features really is inexcusable in our opinion. Overall, Playtech may have let themselves down here, as Party Line as a real money online slots release could have had so much more to it.

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