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Movie-themed slot games are 10-a-penny these days at online casinos, but 10 years ago the big names were pretty rare.

That was until Playtech brought out Gladiator, a branded online slot based on the hit 2000 film starring Russell Crowe. If swords-and-sandal epics were never your thing, or you've been living under a rock for 20 years, you might have missed the whole Gladiator phenomenon.

Based on the fictional tale of a Spanish general serving in the Roman army but banished and forced to become a gladiator, the film earned Oscars for Best Picture and Russell Crowe for Best Actor. And rather than go for some kind of terrible cartoon 'likenesses' for symbols, this gambling slot has actual images from the movie and some cool video sequences to boot.

If movie tie-ins are your thing, punters will definitely want to check out this Playtech favourite. Let's take a closer look.

Play The Gladiator Video Slot From 0.01

Gladiator is a fairly standard Playtech game at first glance. It's played over 25 paylines in a classic 3x5 reel set-up, and players can alter coins from 0.01 to 5.00. However, line bets can also be increased, from 1 coin to 10 coins. The max bet is a rather bone-crushing 1250.00 per spin.

This online slot has an AutoStart button where you can program up to 99 spins. There's also a Gamble feature where you can take a shot at doubling up your previous win, or risk losing the lot if you guess the Red/Black card wrong.

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Aim For Commodus For Top Wins

If you remember the movie, you'll know that the deranged emperor Commodus (a scene-stealing Joaquin Phoenix) was a key character. He's pretty key here as well, awarding the best payouts if you land five of a kind (5000x your line bet). There's also a small payout of 8x for just two on a payline. Commodus's sister, Lucilla, is the next top payer, awarding 1000x for 5OAK. She also pays punters a consolation 7x-line bet win for 2-of-a-kind.

Senator Gracchus (ably played by Derek Jacobi in the film) pays up to 350x, while the gladiators' mentor Proximo (Oliver Reed in his last film) pays out 250x. Gladiator Juba also pays 250x. Making up the reels are the standard 9-to-Ace icons, which pay from 8x for 3OAK to 200x for 5OAK.

No Wild Symbols But A Good Bonus

This slot is a little high on volatility, and you won't find any Wilds at all. However, there are two bonus Scatters which can up your real cash haul. The Coliseum Bonus Scatter symbol pays anywhere, and you will win 1x-100x for 2-5 on the reels anywhere.

Three or more Coliseums triggers a Pick 'em feature where you have the chance to win some decent prizes. First, select stones on the bottom row of the reels to reveal free games. Next, select one of the stones from the second row; this is your multiplier on all wins. The next row up will reveal your Extra Scatter which comes into play. Finally, the top row pick reveals an Extra Wild symbol that comes into play. Players have the option to change their minds and win a different cash prize.

Once everything is picked, play out your free spins. If Commodus appears on Reel 3 during the free spins, you win another three free games.

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