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Dice Twister Slot

Do you like simple online casino games? Are you tired of spending hours just trying to figure out how an online slots title even works? Do you see beauty in simplicity? If so, Dice Twister is definitely the game for you.

It's a strange game from Playtech. Basically, all you have to do is to guess the number total of a three dice roll. Depending on the bet type that you choose you can easily win anywhere from 1.25 credits all the way to 70 coins. If that isn’t enough information to satisfy your craving for knowledge then keep on reading, because we’re just getting started with our extensive Dice Twister video slot review!

Rolling up a Storm

This new game is relatively simple and easy on the eyes when it comes to its overall theme and design choice. It may look way too simple from an outside perspective, but once you actually get in it, you’ll actually understand what everybody means when they say that there is a lot more to Dice Twister than people give it credit for.

For example, there are 28 different options when it comes to wagering your real cash, which should definitely make you feel like you’ll be there quite a while looking for your preferred option. Doused in purple, there is simply no denying that the free Dice Twister slot has the power to grab your attention.

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Dice Twister

Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Hi, Mid, Low

When it comes to the gameplay itself, Dice Twister is definitely not afraid of taking a hit, since it allows you to actually wager anywhere between 0.20 and 100 coins. Not only that, but you can also choose between the different areas to play in.

After you’re done selecting your preferred options you can simply press ‘Spin’ and start praying to the online gambling gods above. You can also choose between the following options to make the game more interesting - Hi (13-18), Mid (9-12), Low (3-8), All Even, All Odd, and Mix.

Turning Into a Twister

Unlike most other games that feature within the same high-paying category, Dice Twister is definitely a beacon in the dark, since it offers a ton of bonus features to sink your teeth into.

For example, unlike other games such as craps or sic bo, Dice Twister has a lot more basic betting options to choose from, with the grand majority of them being so simple that even a newcomer could understand what to do right away. Simply put, if you like dice games you’ll definitely love Dice Twister, since it incorporates everything people like in dice games. Even the payouts are extremely profitable, allowing you to make up to 70x your initial bet. That should definitely turn some heads around the casino gaming industry right there. That being said, because of its straight dice nature, there are zero bonus features for us to write about.

The Luck of the Dice

When it comes to exact replicas there aren’t that many games out there that can completely copy the win line formula that is used by Dice Twister, but still, when you’re looking for similar games you’ll definitely find something of interest. First of all, you can look into Lucky Dice, which was produced by Odobo, a very serious developer that has shown that it can make a name out of itself through this fun dice game. You can also go for Dice Winner, produced by Novomatic, the famous brand that is known for its quantity over quality motto.

Try Dice Twister for Free Today!

Wrapping up this review, Dice Twister is definitely worth a roll or two. Whether you’re looking for a real cash game to play every time you get bored, or if you’re just looking for random games to enjoy with your friends, Dice Twister is definitely the game for you.

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