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Alien Hunter Slot

Throughout the years, online casino software developers have shown no fear when it comes to taking on themes that are “out there”. One such developer is Playtech, who have recently taken things far “out there”, so far out that they’ve actually reached the outer galaxies of the universe. Alien Hunter is the brand’s latest creation, with it challenging players to hunt down these gruesome creatures and stealing their treasure before descending back down to Earth safely.

The premise of Alien Hunter video slot is certainly lofty, as it pits punters on quite the quest. That being said, does it have enough power within its reels to ensure that it ranks among Playtech’s best online slots releases? Well, the following review may just answer that question!

Flying a Spaceship

Yes, you’ve probably already guessed from the title of this game, the free Alien Hunter slot is all about high-tech gadgets from the future, intergalactic travel, and of course the battle between humans and aliens.

What this game is able to do – pretty effectively we might add – is create an undeniably true sci-if universe, with this game appearing incredibly unique as a result.

Pushing the theme forward is the control panel, which is decked out like the cockpit of a spaceship, complete with a green command screen and various switches and buttons. In terms of what’s on the reels, you are going to come across various different creatures, all of which carry plenty of colour and plenty of prize winning potential.

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Alien Hunter

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Across the Universe On 5 Reels

Alien Hunter may look like a game for the far reaches of outer space, but it really does play like a regular slot game. 5 reels and 25 paylines ensures that this game falls in line with other Playtech titles, as it’s a case that lining up symbols racks you a sweet cash win.

If we’re being honest, the base game of Alien Hunter is pretty dull, so there really isn’t too much for us to talk about in this department. It really is a case of load up the game, set your wager, adjust your payline preference, hit spin and wait for the outcome, with a max prize of 1000 coins riding on the line.

Cracking Open a Few Eggs

Thankfully, while the base game of Alien Hunter is noticeably drab, Playtech have kicked things up a notch when it comes to bonus features. There is no less that four different special symbols here, with the Wild symbol working to kick things off. In the case of Alien Hunter, the Wild carries not only traditional use, but also has a 10,000-coin payout attached to it. When it comes down to it, this payout is certainly nothing to be sneezed at.

Moving on from the Wild, you’ll also have the Scatter symbol to contend with. This is going to be your ticket to whole raft of free spins. Finally, in a really interesting twist to proceedings Alien Hunter introduces two additional bonus symbols into the mix. These symbols are required to open up the alien eggs in the game and links players to even more possible payouts.

Beware of the Black Widow

Alien Hunter is a medium variance real cash game its core, so there are going to plenty of other games out there that can match it as far as action is concerned.

Cutting through the crowd of titles that are out there, we have two recommendations that are sure to take your fancy. Forest of Wonders from Playtech and Black Widow Atari by Pariplay carry completely different themes to Alien Hunter, but in gameplay they can match this outer galactic release step for step.

Try Alien Hunter for Free Today!

What Alien Hunter brings to the table is humour, with a fair helping of online slots action. While the game isn’t perfect, as the actual production values aren’t up there with Playtech’s best efforts, nor is the base game all that exciting. However, Alien Hunter is fun nonetheless. Overall, if you’re looking for a quick online gambling fix, then you can’t go far wrong by spinning the reels of this game.

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