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Alchemist’s Lab Slot Machine

Alchemy is a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy that was famously practiced during the Middle Ages. Using illusions as entertainment, Alchemy has taken many forms over the years, but its main purpose is to allow you to turn something of little worth into something of greater value.

Now this theme is right on trend with today’s desire for online casino gaming. This new game provides the opportunity for you to experience the thrill of Alchemist’s Lab, spells, potions, and the air of magic included. Alchemist’s Lab video slot is seeking to prove itself by blending the magical, scientific, and sometimes mythical into an online slot game.

Alchemist’s Lab hopes to captivate the attention of its players who are hoping to use alchemy to turn their bets into gold. So, will it leave gamblers fascinated or will it turn out to be fool's gold? Read the review to find out!

The Lab Comes Alive

Alchemist's Lab is a colourful, vibrant online slots game. There are excellent graphics at hand, with potions to be found everywhere on the screen. It has a structured flow throughout, as items and icons have been well placed within the UI, with the on-screen real estate having been carefully managed.

The sound quality and general use is impressive too. The music and sound effects enhances the player’s enjoyment making it a joy to listen to, with the science meets fantasy theme coming through loud and clear. The controls are intuitive therefore making for easy use. Overall, Alchemist’s Lab is a game for everyone, making it easy to get involved.

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Alchemist's Lab

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For all new players at SlotoCash Casino


For all new players at SlotoCash Casino
Casino of the year 2020 Read Casino Review

For all new players at SlotoCash Casino

One, Two, or Max

Alchemist’s Lab is a traditional 3-reel online slot game. Your bets and winnings amounts are displayed in coloured potions. To the right you will see your total bet shown in the green potion, while to the left is your winnings figure displayed in the blue potion. Underneath each reel you will find the bet button. This gives you a choice of three options, ‘Bet One’, ‘Bet Two ‘, or ‘Bet Max’. Alchemist’s Lab is unusual in as much as it allows you to stay in control at all times by letting you see paytable, which is situated above the reels. So, this way you are in control and are always conscious of what it takes to grab a big win.

Alchemist's Lab is not a hard real cash game to play Playtech have avoided the pitfalls of including any features that may appear confusing, including dispensing of any wild symbol combinations. It’s that simple, just line up three of the same symbol across the reels and you win.

Magic Makes Gold

If you are fortunate enough to get three books across the reels then you will be transported to a new screen. This leads you into a bonus mini-game, which gives the opportunity to scoop some very large wins to say the very least. It grants you access to seven potions, from which you must choose three.

Get your choice of three right and - just like a real alchemist - you will create gold. How much will depend very much on your choice of potions, so keep that in mind.

Step Into the Goblin’s Cave

Alchemist’s Lab’s developer is Playtech, and they have an extensive back catalogue of real money online slots games that measure up to anything that this game has to offer. They have developed a wide range of games over the years that are worth taking a look at, including Goblin’s Cave, Magic Slots, and Safecracker. All of these games illustrate Playtech's excellent gameplay development and design skills, with first-rate levels of 3D graphics in tow. Whilst the themes may vary, the overall experience when playing these games is certainly on a par with Alchemist's Lab.

Try Alchemist's Lab for Free Today!

The free Alchemist's Lab slot is different from many of today’s casino slot games in as much as it focuses on what matters most, which is the game itself. No flashy graphics to distract you, just good old-fashioned slots action.

The game, whilst being fairly simple, has taken its lead from slot machines of years gone by, but has brought it up to date with the latest gaming trends. Alchemist’s Lab remains true to a traditional game formula, which we all know and love, so this offering is well worth a look for that reason.

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