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Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters Slots

Ancient Greek mythology may be the most well-known and popular slot theme throughout the entire realm of online casino gaming.

Ancient Greece has even become a sub-genre within the world of online slots in the eyes of most. Playtech have done a lot for the Age of the Gods series since launching the first slot game some time ago. With the Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters video slot being the sixth entry in the franchise, things are definitely looking up.

Given the scale of Greek mythology, it is at least possible to give different slots different stories. Fate Sisters – as is evident by the name – is based on the Moirai or “fates”.

The three sisters of Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos were in charge of the threads of life. There were three threads in Greek mythology; Clotho would spin the thread of life, Lachesis would measure the thread of length, and Atropos would end life by cutting the thread. It’s hardly a cheery theme for a new online slot, but even so, with three progressive jackpots, free spins, and a re-spin feature, Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is definitely intriguing!

Designed with Ancient Greece in Mind

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters features four backdrops and sets for the reels, with each sister having its own dedicated Temple for the bonus round. Then there is the fourth reel set, which is for the base game. Each set features a classic Greek design with wide areas and high columns housing the reels. Even the text is done in a classically Greek style, so it’s just a shame that this top game features so many low paying symbols.

The high paying real cash symbols are all thematic of course. The three sisters are the highest paying symbols, with icons that represent their powers. The shears of Atropos may end life, but they also reward players here. Overall, Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters video slot is fairly well animated, with the fates guiding you through the game’s temples in some lovely 3D graphics settings.

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Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters

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Casino of the year 2020

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Here we go Again

Free Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters slot features 25 adjustable paylines, but - given that the size of the progressive jackpot is related to the size of your bet - you may want to bet with every line and penny you have.

The minimum bet is just 0.01 per line, so this game is applicable to all forms of budget in our opinion. If we are being brutally honest, as far as the base game goes, while it’s fun, it probably doesn’t quite match up to other games within Age of the Gods series.

Land Four Random Progressive Jackpots

This slot game features two wild symbols in the temples of Lachesis and Clotho. Lachesis’ temple awards 10 free spins, while the frozen wilds will help you earn more. These wilds stay in place for three spins when they show up.

You’ll want to make the most of these three additional spins, especially considering you only have 8 free spins in Clotho’s temple. It’s easily the most volatile – but potentially rewarding – round in the game. It also sees another three random wilds added with each spin.

The final bonus feature of Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is progressive jackpot - or four, to be precise. The jackpots are randomly awarded, which gives each spin some extra gravitas. The size of the jackpot depends on the size of the bet, meaning that there is plenty to tempt the high roller style players out there to part with some real cash.

Another Tale of Ancient Greece

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is a great game with an Ancient Greek-style theme. Similar games to this include Natural Powers from IGT as it has familiar gameplay, but a different look. If you want a more original game, then check out Orcs Battle by Microgaming. If we’re honest, one thing we really love about Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters is that it doesn’t deviate from the norm too much, making it easy to find similar titles within the ever-changing world of online slots.

Try Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters for Free Today!

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters series features some of the most popular Playtech games. Fate Sisters is a fine addition to the collection. The main game features a great RTP, and the bonus games have varying amounts of volatility, putting the choice in the player’s hands. With greater risk comes the potential for greater rewards, so – while it’s not perfect – it’s well worth pumping a few coins into Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters!

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