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Energoonz Slot

The Energoonz video slot is a game that is unique in more than just its name. Energoonz, by the way, is a combination of the words ‘energy’ and ‘goonz’, which are small Pokemon-type creatures.

The game utilizes a 5x5 style grid, instead of traditional reels and paylines. To secure a win, players need to secure 3 or more symbols in a row. When a winning combination hits, the symbols disappear, and remaining ones take their place. Clear the entire grid for a handsome 1,000-coin payout. Clear a column with the word ‘bonus’ on it and it brings forth a feature game.

This game is a lot of fun and is certainly unique enough to stand out against its competitors.

Like a Mad Scientist

The game of Energoonz is set within a scientist’s machine that is trying to solve the current energy crisis. The scientist’s mission is to build a machine that can harness the energy of tiny creatures called Goonz. Simply build the machine, and ensure the electric creatures fall in the correct place.

Various command buttons are placed at the bottom of the screen, with other various parts that probably shouldn’t be touched. This game is high on both energy and humour. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with the adorable Energnoonz creatures.

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25x the Energy

Energoonz is obviously a drop-based game, which is represented by its square grid. Wagers range from 0.20 up to 40 credits. What sets the game apart is that groups of 3 or more identical Goonz will give cash prizes, no matter the configuration of the grid. These creatures will then disappear, giving way to other creatures, which can set off a winning chain reaction.

The game is dynamic thanks to its medium variance. The different groups can reward players with up to 25x their wager, with 3 different Goonz on the grid. Other symbols that are included in the game are lightning bolts, atoms, and fireballs, carrying lesser payout values.

Triggering a Chain Reaction

While the chain reaction-element we mentioned above is entertaining, it serves another very important purpose - awarding win multipliers. As the number of wins goes up, so does the multiplier (up to x8). Spotting a light orb on the grid acts as a Wild symbol, which will help for extra clusters. These wild clusters are worth up to 500x.

To trigger the bonus game, players need to clear as much of the grid as possible to reveal the word ‘bonus’ under the symbols. Players will then be greeted with 10 new Goonz, with winning clusters going up to 175x. Find batteries on the reels to increase the duration of the bonus feature even longer.

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