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How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is the most popular of all bingo games, enjoyed by many tens of thousands of people in online bingo rooms daily. The concept of playing 90 Ball Bingo is very simple and straight forward, and new players shouldn’t feel in the least bit intimidated when playing this fun, social game online for the first time.

Although there may be slight variations depending upon where you play, generally speaking 90 Ball Bingo is made up of tickets consisting of rows of nine squares in three columns (3×9 cards). Each row consists of five numbers and four blank squares, giving you fifteen numbers in total spread across all three columns.

As well as individual tickets, players can purchase strips of six tickets. These tickets will consist of the same amount of numbers as individual cards, but an entire strip will have every number between 1 and 90, so that each bingo call will mark off a number. The spacing of these numbers, as well as the calling of the bingo balls is entirely random.

90 Ball Bingo Combinations

The winning patterns on 90 Ball Bingo are straight forward and fairly obvious, with three possible winning combinations available. The lowest value win, the prize of which will vary is made up of completing any one line of five numbers. The second highest value prize is made up of completing any two of the three lines on an individual card. The third, and highest value prize is completing all three lines to claim the Full House. In almost all bingo halls playing 90 Ball Bingo, this will be the top prize, however there are a few variations such as Deal or No Deal Bingo which also uses 90 balls, with the full house winner getting the chance to play an additional game of Deal or No Deal.

90 Ball Bingo Prizes

Generally speaking, the more people that play, and/or the higher the ticket price, the higher the potential reward. However some bingo rooms offer a fixed minimum jackpot, or bonus prizes for people who participate in the social aspect of the chat room. In most online bingo rooms you will find the jackpot and prize information above your ticket, or in a clearly visible location.

90 Ball Bingo Chat

Online chat is a friendly and sociable way to meet new players and make new friends. As well as the social aspect, many online bingo rooms will offer incentives to make bingo playing more sociable such as random prizes or free games. Therefore it is always worth popping in for a chat in your favourite bingo room. You will also find many players will welcome new players with friendly greetings.

I hope you have learned enough about 90 Ball Bingo to enjoy a friendly game and win some good prizes.

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