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Online Bingo

Online bingo is the big thing right now. There's no need to visit a big out-of-town bingo hall anymore; you can enjoy plenty of top action right on your laptop or mobile.

Many online casinos have their own bingo rooms aligned to the site; there you'll find lobbies packed with players and bingo variants offering massive jackpots.

Getting started in the world of online bingo is as easy as signing up for a real-money account and trying out a game. There's a huge range of games and side games to choose from, and new customers to our recommended sites can earn themselves bonus cash on signing up.

How To Play Online Bingo

The online bingo lobby can be a bewildering place, but most sites work the same. Listed in the Bingo Rooms will be a series of rooms featuring all manner of bingo variants and jackpot games. Games are scheduled and the number of players hitting each game will be displayed clearly in the lobby.

Find a price and prize jackpot that appeals, then hit the 'Join Now' button to take your seat. Players can buy one ticket or more so you have more chances to win prizes.

Once the game starts, all balls drawn will be called out and displayed on-screen. Numbers are called out and numbers will be filled in on players' cards automatically (auto-dabbing) until a player has filled a line or lines, or hit the full house. If more than one player wins, winnings are split between the winners.

In the online bingo room you can edit your profile, chat to the Room Manager (if available) and other players, and play side games like slots.

Popular Online Bingo Games


The most common forms of bingo you'll find online are the 75-ball and 80-ball games. The 75-ball variety features the numbers 1-75 and players have to fill in numbers on a 5x5 card. Prizes are awarded for getting 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 lines.

You can enjoy pattern games at selected bingo sites too. For example, your top line or corners may start off covered to give you a helping head-start in the game. Read more about 75 Ball Bingo.


In 90-ball bingo, cards are made up of nine columns with three rows. There are 15 numbers on each game ticket. There are various prizes for hitting a single line, two lines or nabbing that full house. In addition, there's a minimum jackpot guaranteed on each 90-ball game. Read more about 90 Ball Bingo.

Joker Jackpot

Played with cards instead of balls, your ticket is made up of squares featuring playing cards like aces, kings and queens. Players win the jackpot if they form a 'J' pattern on their ticket first.

Multi-Variant Bingo

Multi-Variant lets you try out some 75-ball, 80-ball or Joker Jackpot games all in one go.


A weird mix of roulette and bingo, players make bets on various numbers and colours emerging from the dispenser.

Progressive Jackpots

Just like in online slots, some bingo games boast big progressives. Made up of small percentages of players' bets, progressive jackpots can be won by hitting a full house in a certain number of calls or less.

Branded Bingo Games

While some bingo daubers love the classic bingo games as they fill in numbers on up to 50 cards, but there's so much more out there.

Rainbow Riches, based on the classic Barcrest slot, has numbers called out by a chirpy leprechaun and filled out on a card shaped like a four-leaf clover. 'Lucky' numbers gift big prizes if you hit a line or full house using that number, while there are two jackpots: one for filling a clover, and a bigger one for completing two clovers - the full house.

Deal or No Deal, Britain's Got Talent, and The X Factor all have their own branded bingo rooms, with bonus prizes galore and progressive 'community' jackpots to be won.

Know Your Side Games

The community aspect of bingo online is what sets the games apart from traditional casino games. Each bingo room has a very active chatbox where the CM (Chat Moderator) will congratulate winners, promote other games, and offer special bonuses.

You might find bonus games exclusive to the Chatbox where players post a lucky number to win a prize or play a game of 'What's My Line?' with the CM.

Find the Best Online Bingo Sites

There's a huge range of bingo rooms available online right now. The hardest question you'll have to answer is: which one do I play at?

With our freeplay games and recommended sites you won't be looking around for long. Sign up to one of our best-reviewed bingo sites and you can take advantage of a superb welcome bonus just for bingo players; perfect for hitting those big jackpot games.

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