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The Alchemist Slot Machine

Novomatic has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of online casino gaming, largely thanks to its ability to continuously and consistently develop slot games that are popular with audiences time after time. The key to these slot game's popularity lies in the fact that they are built, designed, and developed around strong genres and ideas and existing popular themes.

One shining example of this use of an already popular theme from which to build an online slot game is The Alchemist from Novomatic; this is a 5-reel slot game with 20 paylines which, as the name would suggest, is based around the central character of an alchemist who's ready to help you add a little magic to the reels and transform the symbols into winning combinations.

Powerful, Punchy, and Purple

If you're at all familiar with any online slots software providers or online casinos then you are more than likely already aware that there are a number of slots games out there based on the theme of magic and alchemy; take a look at each casino online brand and software developer and you are sure to find that each has at least one title with this theme. The Alchemist video slot game is a little bit dated in terms of graphics, as everything appears to be in 2D, but this slot game still has a nice cartoonish quality about it thanks to that fact.

The main colour theme of free The Alchemist slot is purple which helps to set the tone for the game as purple is often a colour, which is used to represent witchcraft, wizardry and alchemy. This colour can be found in the backdrop of The Alchemist, as well as within some of the slot's symbols.

Blue also represents magical elements such as a wizard's or alchemist's robes and hat. Overall, The Alchemist makes up for its “flat” visuals with plenty of charm.

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The Alchemist

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Create Quite the Concoction

All of the symbols used within The Alchemist are there to create the theme of the game, even the lower value classic playing card symbols of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace have a magical sparkle about them.

The higher-value symbols in The Alchemist are all very much in line with the theme of the game too, these include a spells and potions symbol, a green dragon symbol, an owl sitting atop a stack of books symbol and, of course, the alchemist himself symbol. All of these symbols can prove to be rather magic if you manage to land five on the reels, especially if you're wagering the maximum amount, in that case the spells and potions symbol would win you 3,000 coins, the owl symbol would pay out 4,500 coins, the green dragon would pay 8,000 coins, and the wizard or alchemist symbol would pay out a spellbinding 30,000 coins.

Cracking Open the Spell Book

With most online slot games on the market you will find that they have two special symbols, these being a Wild symbol and a Scatter symbol, however this is not the case in The Alchemist slot game. In The Alchemist there is only one special symbol, which takes on the role of both the Wild and the Scatter, and this is represented by the spell book symbol.

The spell book special symbol will replicate itself on the reels to replace all of the other symbols on screen in order to complete winning combinations, and if you land between three and five of these symbols on the reels then you will be rewarded with between 10 and 15 free spins.

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