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Sinderella Slot

The unique story of Cinderella is well known to people across the world. Told in many different forms over the years, each incarnation of the story follows the same general theme.

A servant girl who is mistreated by her family, Cinderellla is only comforted by the friendship of her animal friends until she gets her wish to go to a large, important celebration. She loses a shoe, and – well - you know how the rest goes.

What is not well known is the story of her sister, Sinderella. Not to be confused for her better-behaved sister, Sinderella video slot makes no effort to be good or pure. This game by Novomatic definitely turns heads with its title, but how does everything else hold up? The following online slot review delves deep into this devilish new online casino game to discover the answer!

Sinful Slots Action

True to many Novomatic titles, free Sinderella slot does not include a ridiculous number of crazy animations and 3D effects. Its graphics boast the charm and simplicity of the hand-drawn images that were popular a long time ago. That's where the charm ends, though - Sinderella is no Disney fairy tale.

Sinderella makes liberal use of the colour red, complimented with a number of black tones that match its devilish hue. The blue accents surrounding the reels serve as the only break from the symphony in red present before you.

The symbols on the reels themselves are surprisingly mundane, for the most part anyway. The majority of symbols consist of classic fruit and bar icons, as well as Sinderella herself. If you're really lucky, you might hit the flashy blue diamond that occasionally appears. Everything is rendered in clean, high-resolution overlays, making everything look pleasing to the eye.

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50 Paylines of Pure Fun

As is the case with many of Novomatic's titles, Sinderella uses a 3x3 grid that boasts a surprisingly high number of paylines - 50 in total. But this is just scratching the surface of what is available to you. Most of Sinderella's mechanics are relatively straightforward and simple to use. Novomatic uses its standardised interface across many of its titles, and Sinderella is no different.

The icons and buttons below the reels contain everything you need. You can adjust your autoplay features without having to navigate any annoying sub-menus. Also available are buttons that let you shift the coin denominations and paylines in play. Every bit of relevant information from your last spin is displayed here - bet sizes, payouts, your total number of credits, and more. Everything is well arranged and designed to that new players can get started spinning the reels right away.

Looking Towards the Cherry

What Novomatic game would lack for bonus features? Sinderella is the symbol to watch for, because it's the game's wild symbol. If she appears anywhere on an active payline, she will fill the role of the symbol you need to get that winning spin. The cherry also plays an unconventional role in Sinderella. See the Cheeky Cherry symbol to the right? The cherry's value fluctuates throughout the course of your session, and usually for the better. It’s safe to say that the cherry is a lot more valuable than usual here.

From a Fairytale to All Out Action

Sinderella doesn't need to be compared to other titles - it stands tall on its own as extremely competent classically styled real money online slots game. With that said, even die-hard fans of the slots online play will want to shake things up every now and then.

If we were to name two titles that are comparable in quality to Sinderella, we would say that Little Duck and Robocop serve as suitable alternatives. While the themes are obviously different - particularly in the case of Robocop! - their style of gameplay is very similar to Sinderella, and they both offer many of the same bonuses that you can find here.

Try Sinderella for Free Today!

The verdict is in: Sinderella is a resounding success as a casino online game. Novomatic's latest title about Cindarella “gone bad” would make Lucifer himself blush with pride.

The newest take on this classic tale comes straight out of left field, as it’s safe to say that we weren't expecting something along these lines. Novomatic doesn't fail to come up with new and innovative themes, and Sinderella is proof of that. Boasting solid gameplay and great real cash prizes, when it comes to this game, what's not to love?

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