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Seven's Slot Machine

There are two contradicting currents occurring in the online casino world right now. One is heading towards innovation, original themes, deeper online slots gameplay, bumper bonus features, and fluent animations, while the other is sticking to the basics and emulating the land-based casino experience of yesteryear.

The latest Novomatic game Sevens is in the latter camp. But in a fresh twist, it sprinkles in some elements of the former, so for that reason we think it’s a whole lot of fun to play for real cash.

Lush and Lavish Red

Sevens is the ideal example of a classic and uncluttered casino online game, with it serving up online slot machines graphics in its purest form. The reels take up most of the screen, coming complete with a lush red background and three white reels; all the hardcore players need.

There is a chart to the right showing the 5 paylines and all the symbols on offer. The bottom of the screen is painted grey and features the controls of Seven’s. Having absolutely no theme is probably the simplest theme of all if we’re being honest. And Seven’s focuses more on the most basic form of slot play than anything new, and we think this gives it an appealing charm.

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In Seventh Heaven On The Classic Slot Paylines

The free Sevens slot features eight regular symbols and all of them have classic implications. Things start out with the bar, moving through cherries, lemons, plums, and oranges.

After the fruit symbols come the – as you would expect - 7s, which really works to take things to the next level. There is the single bronze seven, followed by a double silver seven and the triple gold seven, which is the most valuable symbol in the game.

A combination must include three identical symbols on one payline, with wins accumulating if more than one shows up. Three of the gold sevens is the ticket to the ultimate jackpot, so keep an eye out for them.

The bottom of the screen is home to all the commands for choosing paylines and setting your bet, with this done through the plus and minus buttons. You can also choose to turn on auto-play and have the reels spin themselves.

This is the typical setup on a Novomatic classic slot, but even newbies should have no trouble navigating Sevens. Overall, Sevens really is as simple as it gets, and this includes the coins-backed gameplay, as there’s nothing more to the game than 3 reels, 5 paylines, and a spin button.

Give a ‘Gamble’ a Go

If you’re feeling lucky, then give the Gamble feature a go. Simply guess the colour of a hidden card after scoring a win. Get it right and double your money, but guess wrong and you lose it all. Sevens helps you out a little by showing you what card was drawn last, but really this game is driven by pure chance.

Admittedly, we expected Sevens to carry a little more weight in the bonus features department, as it’s really a case of what you see if what you get here.

Gold, Electric, and More

If you want a game similar to Sevens, then just about any game from Novomatic will do, as they keep gameplay similar throughout its releases. If you want to find something with a similar theme you might want to look elsewhere though.

We have four games that match Sevens; those are Golden Sevens, Electric Sevens, Sevens Gold Casino, and Fruits and Sevens. If you’re one of the punters who loves the Sevens experience, you’ll no doubt love these four games, as they each channel the spirit of retro-style nostalgic slot play.

Try Seven’s for Free Today!

Sevens video slot is a very nostalgic game. It relies heavily on this feeling, and its ability to inspire older players and people that primarily play at land-based casinos. It takes a straightforward approach to online slots play on a whole that is efficient and sure to appeal to the target demographic.

Everyone else, however, will likely be put off by the lack of everything that gives other games their oomph. Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, and everything in-between are all nowhere to be found here. Whether you’ll enjoy Sevens or not depends entirely on your own personal playing style and preferences. But as this game really is built upon classic real cash slots foundations there's plenty for old-school fans to get excited about.

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