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Mystery Star Slot Machine

Within the world of online slot machines there are just a handful of names that players instantly recognise, with NOVOMATIC being one of them. While their latest releases can be an acquired old-school taste, there's no doubt that the European reels master commands respect.

What NOVOMATIC has done is point its creative efforts towards the classic online casino domain, as they seem to have a soft spot for bonus slots that carry an old school vibe. The recent online slot from NOVOMATIC pretty much sums up what this direction is all about, as Mystery Star is a new game that simply oozes retro style.

Whoever said that creating a retro-styled real cash slot game is easy needs to take a long look at the casino landscape right now, as so many developers seem to have got it wrong. NOVOMATIC is clearly attempting to rule the roost when it comes to this particular sub-genre of games, but can it realistically claim the crown with Mystery Star? Read our review to find out.

Across The Night Sky

Mystery Star is attempting to exhibit nostalgic slot style, but in many ways it actually goes a little too far in this regard. This is because – while we like the fact that the game is loaded with familiar looking symbols – the overall look of the game doesn’t have anything that jumps out to grab your attention.

In fact, the online slot's symbols look outdated for the most part. What works to save this gambling title is the backdrop, as the star-studded night sky used as a background really does set the tone. When it comes to the free Mystery Star slot, it’s probably fair to describe the UI of this game as a mixed bag.

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Mystery Star

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Classic Through and Through

When anyone opts to boot up a game that carries the “classic” tag, what they expect to find is a game that’s easy to understand and easy to get on board with.

Thankfully, Mystery Star more than fits the bill in both these aspects, as this game can be setup for play in mere moments. For those that want to jump in and out, you structure your bet and payline setup, then just hit spin. However, if you want to take things a little easier, an “Autoplay” function is included, with this in play, the game will spin the reels automatically a predetermined number of times. What we soon found when putting this game through its paces is that while the wins are hardly anything to write home about, the fact you need only two identical icons lined up to score a win means that the action can be pretty fast-paced at times.

It’s All A Big Mystery

Bonus wise, Mystery Star is a bit of a snooze fest sadly, as this game certainly doesn’t have much to offer with regards to excitement.

That being said, the Scatter symbol in this game is able to other the odd thrill here then. Represented by a gold star, when it kicks in it’s able to trigger a big win.

But here is the twist: this win truly is a mystery, as you won’t know how big it is until it has been unlocked. Yes, a single bonus game feature is a pretty poor offering, even by classic slot game standards, but this element of Mystery Star at minimum adds a little extra suspense to the action.

Great Medium Variance Slots Fun

Mystery Star is one of those online casino slot machines that is actually pretty easy to replicate if we’re being honest, largely as it has no real unique features.

What this means is that if you want to play more of the same it won’t be too tall an order to find something. Helping to point you in the right direction of something that you might enjoy, there are two games in particular that we recommend. Purple Hot by Playtech and Inferno – which is also by NOVOMATIC – to some extent mimic the gameplay of Mystery Star, so make sure you keep an eye out for them both.

Play The Free Mystery Star Slot Machine Online Today!

Classic nostalgic slot games will always have a place in the market as far as we are concerned, even if the format has faded somewhat as of late. Helping put such games back on the map are releases like Mystery Star.

The problem for punters is that this game just doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself from what is already available. That being said, for the mystery jackpot prize alone, we would probably say that the Mystery Star video slot is at least worth a spin or two when you play for real money.

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