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Gryphon’s Gold Slot Machine

With lion and eagle symbols abound, it’s safe to say that Gryphon’s Gold is an offering from Novomatic that leans heavily on its fable theme. In this game, the gryphons wreak havoc on the fairytale land known as Winalot, by making off with unicorns, damsels and dwarfs. They spirit them away into the hills, thus it is your mission to retrieve them from the mountains, making you a hero in the process. We all know that heroes should be well compensated for their efforts, and any player that wins the characters back for the kingdom is guaranteed to scoop a big payout.

From the introduction above, what you can take away is that this game is truly bonkers in premise, while it’s also not afraid to roll out a big payout or two. For more information on Gryphon’s Gold and what it brings to the table, we suggest you keep reading.

Thrown Into A Fairytale

Back when the so-called “fairytale kingdom” of Winalot was a kingdom of peace, players would envisage gnomes relaxed on their prized mushrooms, as elegant, blonde young women dashed around on unicorns. Yes, that statement reads just as ridiculous as it sounds. Gryphon’s Gold really is odd in theme, especially when you consider that this is a game that puts players into the shoes of a hero that must rid the kingdom of evil gryphons. Being completely honest, seldom have we seen a developer put something so barmy on show across 5 reels and 3 rows before.

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Gryphon’s Gold

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Ruling The Kingdom Of Winalot

Winalot becomes a land of plenty for players from the very minute they arrive. Start by rescuing mushrooms and gnomes, as your heroic efforts can yield as many as 25,000 coins for such efforts. Keeping the kingdom’s palace invasion-resistant can get you 40,000 coins, and atop that pile of loot could be up to 75,000 coins if you can retrieve pretty maidens and unicorns as well.

Before a player joins a Winalot quest, plans must be made; namely, how many paylines do you want to activate in order to get the reels rolling. Choices are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. You can’t win without making this all important decision, just like you must choose your money bet, from 1 to 100 coins for each line you select. This yields a bet as low as 1 coin per spin, all the way up to the top wager of 900 coins.

Eliminating The Evil Gryphons

As a hero, your actions in Gryphon’s Gold could cause wild gryphons to come raining down from their mountaintop, working hard to eliminate every icon in their sights when they arrive. These wilds aren’t just going to make winning combinations easier to come by; they’ll also double your winnings. Even heroes need good luck, so if you get all five wild gryphons on an active payline, the payout in coins could be as high as 900,000.

If you find yourself in peril, you can find solace in the scattered tree men, who could come alive to the tune of as many as 450,000 winning coins. Up to 15 free spins can also be brought forth by finding 3 to 5 scattered tree men on the reels, with a 3x multiplier also being attached to all related wins. All winnings in Gryphon’s Gold can also be wagered through the “Gamble” round, during which you can attempt to double your spoils between one and five attempts by flipping a card.

Stepping Up To The Deluxe

If you agree that Gryphon's Gold is a truly enjoyable slots adventure no matter how you slice it, it would follow that any gambler would love to try more of the same. Because there are other such games already available, finding something similar is actually a pretty strong likelihood.

Also from Novomatic, you could play the follow-up release to Gryphon’s Gold in Gryphon’s Gold Deluxe, which obviously carries many similar characteristics to the original. Then there is always an EGT offering which matches Gryphon’s Gold in gameplay credentials. Fast Money - as the name pretty much suggests – is motivated by cash and is very enjoyable as a result.

Try Gryphon’s Gold For Free Today!

Because it is so fairytale and fantasy oriented, the gryphons’ story is may be unbelievable, even when compared to some other mythical real money slots around.

Those who enjoy their slot games to come with a dose of realism may as well play anything else, but if it’s escapism that you’re after, this Novomatic title more than fits the bill. Overall, as a fantasy and fairytale driven game, Gryphon’s Gold is surely going to become a force to be reckoned with.

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