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Giant 7 Slot

The modern online slots game has become increasingly complex in execution, what with all the extra rules, additional gameplay elements, and many more features that can take the game to what is proclaimed to be new heights.

There are some slots that feel like they’re punishing you for being a new player, as so many new slots titles confuse more than they entertain. Giant 7 is a Novomatic online slot release that does the complete opposite of the approach mentioned above. It sticks to some basic rules and features, without reducing the quality of the overall reel spinning experience. The result is a somewhat predictable, somewhat original online slots title that is trying to have a foot in “both camps”, as it were.

Packed With Plenty Of Juice

Giant 7 takes a trip back in time the original slot games of old; sticking to a classic theme full of fruits and not much else. As far as graphics go, the game doesn’t feature a real background, as the massive reels take up most of the screen. There is a little space left below the reels for the command bar, and a little bit of space above the reels to show off some fresh fruit.

When you take the basic looking UI for what it is, what you’ll find is that the reels are what stand out most in Giant 7. Taking a look at them shows you that the middle reel is twice as big as the others, which is probably the only design “twist” worthy of mentioning.

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Giant 7

Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

In The Land Of Giants

The game consists of three reels and absolutely no paylines; meaning that every winning combination pays out, no matter what. The middle reel is the last one to stop spinning, adding some suspense to each spin that takes place.

Just start by using the arrows on the command bar to adjust your bet and then get those reels spinning. In typical Novomatic fashion, Giant 7 comes with a Gamble feature that allows you to double or lose your money by guessing the colour of a hidden card.

Giant 7 is very reliant on the classic fruit symbols as far as the paytable is concerned. Each fruit looks just as juicy and fresh as the last, with this certainly having the power to entice players in. The most common symbols are the cherries, oranges, lemons, and plums. The downside is that they only offer modest wins at best, so they are generally forgettable for the most part. The most valuable symbols in the game are the bell and the watermelon, so if you really want to take this game for what it’s worth, you need to be land combinations with these symbols in the mix. Sometimes the middle reel will award a double symbol, giving you the chance to match up four-of-a-kind. It goes without saying that this is going to be your key to winning big here.

Snapping Up The Dollars

As mentioned above, the large middle reel of the game is home to the “Giant 7” that gives this game its name. The symbol featured within this oversized spinner works as a wild, with it having the power to replace other icons to give you an instant win.

There is also a dollar sign that triggers free spins when lined up. The free spins are the perfect chance to win some extra cash at no extra cost, even if the number issued is pretty lightweight when compared to what you’ll receive in other Novomatic games. Finally, the double symbols that we mentioned earlier show up all the time during a free spins round, practically guaranteeing players a major win.

As They Say, It’s Good To Be Bad

Almost any Novomatic title could be considered similar to Giant 7, as they keep gameplay along the same lines between all the classically styled games they release. If you want to try something with a similar theme, though, it would it be best to look elsewhere, as other developers are certainly attempting to encroach on Novomatic’s turf.

Fans of Giant 7’s gameplay should check out Bonkers and It’s Good to Be Bad. These games will no doubt be worthy contenders for Giant 7’s crown, as they are all about the fun. Admittedly, they aren’t as concise visually as this game, but the gameplay and general foundations of both titles are solid.

Try Giant 7 For Free Today!

Giant 7 is primarily a retro slots game, because of the premise and small amount of reels it presents. The graphics are certainly modern however, and very pleasing to the eye, while it throws out a few additional gameplay elements that help to ensure that it remains fresh. Overall, Giant 7 manages to be impressive and entertaining thanks to the giant middle reel feature, the smattering of bonus symbols, and the potential for lofty winning combinations.

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