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Fruits on Fire Slot

Look through the Novomatic back catalogue and what you’ll find is countless games that have a fruit-focused core. Now, Novomatic has now decided to set them ablaze in its latest release Fruits on Fire. The game takes players to a restaurant manned by an Italian chef serving flambéed fruit on a hot plate with some big wins on the side. Honestly, in a theme, what else could a player need than that?

If you’re intrigued by what’s on the menu, then read through our review of Fruits on Fire below to learn more about what this fun and quirky game has to offer.

Where Flames And Fruits Combine

As far as the graphical quality goes, Fruits on Fire might not be the most beautiful game we’ve seen, but it does have a dynamic design that stands out despite its overbearing simplicity. The game’s background features a close-up of the kitchen stove, with flames firing up on both sides. The reel surround carries a metallic look, which - as you can imagine given that it’s a Novomatic title - is pretty flat, except for the flames and fruits.

The command bar of the game has a number of buttons and displays, all of which have been crammed together to the bottom of the screen. Fruits on Fire might not be the most beautiful game in the world, but it does give players everything they need to get started, which at minimum stands for something.

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Fruits on Fire

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Seeing Through The Fire

Now you’re acquainted with your new surroundings, it’s time to look at the gameplay of Fruits on Fire. The game is set on a square, with 3 reels in play, each of which contains a mix of symbols.

Getting a cash prize is as simple as landing a combination of symbols, but this is where Fruits on Fire introduces a unique twist. Not only do you win a prize by lining up three symbols, but you also win a prize if four or more identical symbols show up anywhere. Basically, every symbol is a scatter symbol when more than three show up. On top of that, every time you land a winning combination in normal play, you have the chance to gamble your money to double or lose your money. All you have to do is correctly guess the colour of a card.

Symbols wise, Fruits on Fire includes cherries, oranges, lemons, plums, and grapes. These are partnered by watermelons, bar signs, and red sevens that certainly help to mix things up somewhat. Remember, even a small group of these symbols can be worth a potentially large amount of money in Fruits on Fire. The largest single prize in this game – a 1000x jackpot – is grabbed by filling up all the reels with 9 of the red seven symbols.

Joining Up With The Chef

Many modern online slots have some special symbols to shift the balance in the favour of the player and give them more chances to win big. Fruits on Fire is no different in this regard, other than that the game only has one special symbol to speak of, with that symbol being the chef. This chef icon appears randomly during the game, which is certainly a twist on the norm. While it might seem innocuous, it treats players to seven free spins when it appears alongside a winning combination.

Picking The Low Hanging Fruit

Fruits on Fire is a really simple game at its core, which means that similar games can be found almost everywhere you look. There are several games that prove to be the best in the fruit-styled genre, such as Fruit Sensation and Fruit Fest.

These are the market leaders right now in our humble opinion, seemingly taking what Fruits on Fire serves up and pushing it to the next level. These games have a touch of nostalgia to them and are packed with fun, so you really would be foolish not to give them a spin should they cross your path.

Try Fruits On Fire For Free Today!

As a game, Fruits on Fire offers some classic fruity fun with a lot of familiar symbols, but it also comes with a smattering of original gameplay elements to make it stand out. This doesn’t mean that the game revolutionises the genre – as it doesn’t by any means – but it does add some originality to it. The prizes are pretty decent, but not extraordinary, while it’s quite challenging to grab the jackpot, as it takes a lot of luck to land nine of any particular symbol. Outside of this, Fruits on Fire is very fun to play and a good challenge; so if that’s what you’re looking for, look to give this game a spin!

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