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Fruits ‘N Royals Slot Machine

If you’ve always felt that the royal family was a little “fruity”, then Fruits ‘N Royals from Novomatic is here to see if your inclination is right.

The great news about this online slots game is that prizes are awarded for both fruits and royals, hence the fairly obvious name. The symbols in the game include cherries, plums, oranges, and lemons, along with a fairly fitting king and queen.

The royal family’s 5 crowns are the ticket to the grand prize of up to 500,000 coins. If you’re feeling really fruity, then you can choose to gamble your winnings up to 5 times on the bounce with the double your money gamble feature. When you add up all these credentials, it’s easy to see why the hype train has firmly been behind Fruits ‘N Royals since it was initially announced.

Helping gamblers determine fact from fiction, we’ve stepped up to put Fruits ‘N Royals through its paces. So, does this new Novomatic title live up to the hype? As they say, there really is only one way to find out!

Fruits, Royals, And Then Some

These all-in-one style slot games have been around for some time now, but it’s always good to see a creator go above and beyond to mix things up. Fruits ‘N Royals features a dark looking backdrop, with this being complimented by a selection of bright colours that are darted around the screen, specifically through the game’s logo found at the top of the screen.

On the symbols front – as mentioned during the introduction of this review – you’ve got fresh looking fruit and royal looking figures to work with. While the general theme of Fruits ‘N Royals is pretty solid, this game begins to unravel when it comes to detail, as it simply doesn’t have any. The game overall looks flat, as the 2D looks horrendously dated. Attempting to be an all-in-one style game, you can’t help but think that Fruits ‘N Royals stumbles out of the gate when it comes to looks.

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Fruits ‘N Royals

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Dine With Kings And Queen And Win 500,000

Fruits ‘N Royals is a game that offers a mixture of big and small prizes, with wins appearing out of nowhere. There’s a lot on offer with these payouts as well, including some pretty big offerings, even by today’s lofty standards.

Just two cherries can earn you a prize, but the biggest payout possible for cherries is up to 20,000 coins. 20,000 coins is also the top prize for oranges, plums, and lemons. If you want to get something bigger, then the melons should be your target given that they award up to 50,000 coins; as do grapes. The non-fruit-based prizes include the stars and the lucky 7s. The stars award up to 25,000 coins, and the 7s are the key to the incredible jackpot of 500,000 coins.

Within Fruits ‘N Royals there’s a lot of choice when it comes to bet levels. Players can bet on between 1 and 5 lines, with bets of between 1 and 100 coins per line. The coins you put down for your bet can be worth as little as 0.01, giving you a total minimum bet of 0.05 coins to activate every payline. Of course, there are higher bets for the high rollers to enjoy, as Fruits ‘N Royals makes an excellent attempt to cover every base.

Not For The Faint Of Heart

No matter what prize you win, you can choose to collect it or gamble it, with the gamble feature representing the main bonus feature within Fruits ‘N Royals. If you decide to go down the gamble route, then you are presented with a card. You can double your money by correctly guessing if it will be red or black. If you guess right you can keep on going up to five times, doubling your money consistently as you go. But be warned, as one wrong step could easily see you lose everything, so this game isn’t going to be for the faint of heart.

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