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Dice Winner Slots

The Dice Winner video slot is the kind of real cash game that can be summed up with such words as “speedy” and “reactive”, as Novomatic has crafted this game with a quick fix in mind.

This game has a very minimalistic vibe about it and is played across 5 paylines and 3 reels, with a host of classic symbols in the mix that you should be well accustomed to by now. Buried beneath the surface you’ll find action at every corner with Dice Winner, giving you the chance to win fast and win big.

You will come face to face with pure speed whenever you choose to spin the reels of Dice Winner, as this is probably one of the fastest slot games on the market right now. For that reason, along with what’s addressed in the review below, it’s clear that this streamlined release is bringing plenty to the table.

Just Like Rolling Bones

Dice Winner is one of those online slot machines that doesn't take long to get up and running. The atmosphere and graphics of this real money online slots game are pretty solid by Novomatic’s standards, with the reels, buttons, and everything else you see on the screen coming within a red frame. This whole look makes the UI experience feel like old-school casino slot machines, as you will not be weighed down with needless extra details, which leaves the game with a professional feel.

Symbols appear extremely minimalistic in this game and work very well with the colours around them. You have six red dice, which you will need to watch out for, as they are numbered one to six and can be located underneath the reels. On the right you will see the indicators for active Dice Winner multipliers, while the stopwatch is on the top right, with the gamble feature button slotting in below it.

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Dice Winner

Casino of the year 2023

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2023

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Old School Is Still Cool

The user interface of Dice Winner just makes the game very easy to play, with all paylines active at all times, so players will have no worries with fiddling around with them. You can press the Start or activate an Autoplay function to get the fun going. When the reels stop you will have the chance to Hold, which is a nice feature in this game as it carries forward the old-school gameplay experience.

Look Out For The Golden Stopwatch

There is a mini-game at hand in Dice Winner, as Novomatic has once again rolled out the famous gamble feature, but this really is no surprise. When you play this mini-game, all you will need to do is guess a colour of a card and if correct you will double your money. Spades and hearts are next to the reels and they will flash when you win, so it really is simple to get a grasp of.

On top of the gamble feature, you have the Golden Stopwatch. With every spin the golden stopwatch will show you a random number which you will need for the cash unlimited feature. You will have two special symbols to make use of here, with the first being the dice, which can act as a Scatter. The number the Scatter lands on is the amount you win. There is also a "multiplayer" function that can be decided upon in a similar fashion.

A Taste For Some Low Limit Choco

We could never really say that Dice Winner is a unique or original game, as this is one of many games of this type out there. Novomatic seems to follow the same linear path within it many of its other releases too, so games similar to this aren’t that difficult to come by.

However, should you want to step outside of the Novomatic confines, choice is what you’re likely to find. Looking at the top picks, Choco Deluxe from Air Dice and Gourmonsters from Tain certainly work to steal the headlines.

Try The Free Dice Winner Slot Today!

Dice Winner is one of classiest latest releases from the guys down at Novomatic. It's packed with old-school style action throughout, which is perfect for the retro gamblers among you.

While the base game is fun enough in its own right, you have various mini-games and bonus feature elements that really add to the whole experience and ensure replay value. The only complaint we could have is that the game could be a little more original, but that’s really only a minor issue, as Dice Winner is still a must in our opinion.

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