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Diamond Street Slot

With its latest online slot release, it appears that Novomatic have figured out what people around the world have known for years, which is that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Diamond Street puts any eager player in a jewellery shop alongsidea lucky lady who is nothing short of a diamond fanatic.

Considering that she's looking for a new perfect diamond to take home with her and call her own, it’s probably in your best interest to rock the reels to the best of your ability.

When you break matters down, Diamond Street is a glimmer of fun amongst a market of dull online slot games that favour seriousness over enjoyment. Bursting with charming special features and fun visuals, there is no denying that thisNovomaticrelease is a real gem.

Taking a Stroll Down Diamond Street

As we mentioned previously, Diamond Street is set in a jewellery shop, so the backdrop of this game is somewhat dimly lit, with glowing glass cases housing all of the shop's precious jewels darted around the screen.

The symbols used in Diamond Street are the usual Jack, King, Queen, and Ace playing card symbols in bright and shining colours, sapphire for the Jack, ruby for the King, emerald for the Queen, and canary yellow for the Ace.

Of course, there are also symbols that keep in line with the theme of Diamond Street, these symbols are a diamond ring, a bag, a diamond- encrusted watch, diamond and ruby earrings, an emerald necklace, and of course, the jeweller.

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Diamond Street

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Shining Like You Wouldn’t Believe

Diamond Street is a slot game with 5 reels and 10 active paylines, where players can wager from 3.00 to 900.00 coins per line, which equates to a betting range of between 30.00 and 10000.00 coins per spin.

If the betting structure doesn’t steal the show here, this slot game features bonuses, free spins, and even a gamble feature. If you have any winnings that you wish to gamble then you just have to guess the colour of a playing card and if you guess correctly then you double your payout, but if you guess incorrectly then you lose it all, as the odds are a straight 50/50.

Diamond Street also has a progressive jackpot included, which is hidden within a box on the reels and increases the more the game is played. The full jackpot can only be won on a maximum bet, but winning on a smaller bet does get you a portion of this bumper prize.

Click and Collect

The special symbols in this slot game are a diamond for the Wild, which will substitute for any of the symbols on the reels, and the bonus symbol is the jewellery shop's glass doors which will open up to take the player to the bonus game once three or more of these symbols appear on the reels.

The Diamond Street bonus game allows you to choose between boxes all filled with jewels, but each containing a different prize such as free spins or even cash. You get to keep selecting boxes until you open the one containing the ‘Collect’ sign, which starts your free spins rolling.

While using your free spins you can land box symbols that work in the same way as the other symbols but contain a mystery prize, possibly even the progressive jackpot.

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