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Egypt's recorded history extends back more than 5,000 years, a stat that really does tell quite the story. As you might expect from such an ancient civilization, there are an incredible number of myths, legends, and stories surrounding these people and what they did. A particularly well-known story is that of the Ptolemy-dynasty Pharaoh Cleopatra, whose love affair with Marc Antony is well known by people the world over.

Cleopatra was Egypt's last pharaoh, and so it's little surprise that her story serves as the inspiration for Novomatic's newest game Cleopatra's Choice. There is a lot to live up to here, given that many other developers use Cleopatra as inspiration for their games, so how does Cleopatra's Choice measure up to similar offerings? Read on to find out!

Floating Down the Nile

As you might expect, Cleopatra's Choice revels in and embraces all things Egyptian. Take a trip down the Nile River as it was thousands of years ago, seeing the villages, temples, and mighty pyramids that dot across the landscape. Cleopatra's Choice not only gives you a glimpse into the past, but you can also have a chance to share in some of the immense wealth she possessed - the wealth of a pharaoh.

Cleopatra's Choice is all about making the right decisions as you travel through her temple to gain access to the riches that await within. Theme wise, Novomatic has really hit the nail on the head here, as this game looks nothing short of fantastic.

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Cleopatra’s Choice

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Taking a Seat on the Throne

Like many of Novomatic's games, Cleopatra's Choice gives you a 5x3 reel to play with. There are only 5 paylinesfound within this game, but you'll quickly see that that isn't much of a limitation.

The goal here is to match up as many symbols as you can in order to rack up wins, but the best way to go about that is to take advantage of Cleopatra's Choice's multiple bonus symbols and free spin rounds to walk away richer than ever before.

Most of the symbols consist of motifs and emblems that were of vital importance to the people of ancient Egypt, but there are a few that are of particular significance, which we will address below.

Ascending the Pyramid

The first symbol that you want to keep a close eye on is thededicated bonus symbol. This only falls on the third to fifth reels, and is characterised by the pyramid icon. Getting three of these will trigger the Pick and Win bonus round.

Those of you who enjoy Novomatic's other titles will know what this is about. This is where the name Cleopatra's Choice becomes clear; you are given a choice of five doors to enter, with each one containing various prizes. One door contains an additional bonus on top of the cash prize you would receive anyway - pick from a bookshelf to receive an extra prize that will make your day.

Of course, Cleopatra's Choice wouldn't truly be a Novomatic game if it didn't let you risk your winnings for even greater riches. After the Pick and Win round concludes, you can offer to go double or nothing on what you've won.

You can choose to skip this opportunity, but why would you want to walk away with so much less than what you could have?

Cracking Open the Book of Ra

Ancient Egypt is a very common source of inspiration for video slots games, and so games like Cleopatra's Choice are a dime a dozen. We’re only saying this in reference to theme itself, of course - most titles don't measure up to Novomatic's inspired take on the genre.

But, if Cleopatra's Choice doesn't whet your appetite completely, there is one series of video slots that we think might serve as suitable substitutes. The Book of Ra games are inspired from similar sources, yet they contain the same kind of high risk/high reward betting that makes Cleopatra's Choice so attractive to players.

Try Cleopatra’s Choice For Free Today

The myths and history of ancient Egypt has captivated the hearts and minds of people for centuries. Perhaps, then, it is little surprise that it serves as a suitable source of inspiration for slot game makers all around the world.

Cleopatra's Choice is a particularly inspired take on the genre, offering a wealth of memorable bonus features, beautiful graphics, and plenty of risk-inclined options that will make any gambler squeal with delight. Cleopatra's Choice is an obvious choice in our eyes, as this game certainly delivers.

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