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Cirque du Cheval Slot Machine

Cirque du Cheval (“Horse Circus” in French) immediately implies what you can expect to see here. There are plenty of over-the-top, outlandish antics to be had in Novomatic's newest slot game, which has been generating rave reviews from gamblers and critics all across the world. Everything looks to be bright, cheery, and fun here, and with 5 reels and 40paylines to play with, how can you not have a good time? All this looks to be very promising, so let's take a closer look at what Cirque du Cheval is bringing to the table!

Roll Up, Roll Up

As you might expect from a game titled Cirque du Cheval, there is plenty of quirky and charming fun here. This game looks as though it could have been taken straight out of a medieval fairy tale, complete with a castle, fanciful animals, and a frog dressed up in a dapper uniform. To say that the carousel upon which they ride is unremarkable would be completely wrong - this cast of animals will not soon be forgotten.

Logically, it follows that these brightly coloured animals would be surrounded by equally colourful scenery. There are no drab shades of monochrome here - everything is awash in garish colours brimming with life, and the circus-themed soundtrack compliments this visual feast quite nicely.

The whole game takes place inside of a shimmering golden frame, giving the game the illusion of being a living painting. As an added plus, Cirque du Cheval doesn't boast any obnoxious, out-of-place 3D effects that slow down your gameplay experience.Novomatic really took the time to make everything look just right, with Cirque du Cheval certainly looking the part.

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Cirque du Cheval

Casino of the year 2021

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Feast Your Eyes

With as much of a visual feast for the eyes as Cirque du Cheval is, you'd probably expect the game to play as well as it looks. When it comes to prizes, that assumption certainly holds true, as you can win up to 100,000 credits on one single line, assuming you've bet the max amount for that particular spin. This translates to a theoretical maximum of 4,000,000 if you're using all 40 paylines.

Don't worry, though - Cirque du Cheval isn't that expensive unless you want it to be. You can play with as little as one credit a spin if you're feeling frugal, but the option to expand it further is always there.

Look on in Awe

No Novomatic game would be complete without an assortment of substantial bonus features. For starters, the Wild symbol (depicted by the game's logo) will replace any symbol on the reel it inhabits. These are the best way to get lots of wins.

Next, you've got the symbol depicting a bunch of tickets. By themselves they don't do much, but if you get four of these on the first reel plus the carousel, even more will open up below. This will give the player a whole ton of additional bonus spins (as many as 20 in fact). The actual number you receive will depend on how many ticket symbols you get on the reels.

Checking out the Vanishing Act

As you might expect, excellence often breeds imitators. There aren't any slot games out there that are truly as good as Cirque du Cheval on the theme front in our humble opinion, but you can still find some quality titles that will serve as suitable substitutes in a pinch.

The first is Vanishing Act, which utilises a magician theme. The second is Ancient Arcadia, which is known for handing out lots of free spins easily. The 5-reel, 40-payline madness of Cirque du Cheval is hard to replicate, but we'd do you wrong if we didn't try to help you find similar-quality titles.

Try Cirque du Cheval For Free Today

Novomatic isn't known for being particularly adventurous or innovative when it comes to their choice of themes, but what they do is they make beautiful. Cirque du Cheval doesn't use any gaudy, in-your-face 3D effects or fancy animations, but it makes up for that by offering a gorgeously illustrated game that looks good on any device you use.

There are tons of paylines, plenty of bonuses, and a whole lot of earning potential, so what are you waiting for? Hop on this carousel and start winning those credits today!

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