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Cat Scratch Fever Slot

A sufficiently cheesy pun will elicit groans from everybody that has the misfortune of hearing it, but – even on occasion - we still can'thelp but smile when we hear a perfectly executed gag. If these kinds of corny jokes are your specialty, then might we recommend a career in creating video slot games? This is one sector of gaming where these types of jokes thrive. Novomatic isn't the type of company to sit out on the fun;as such the release of Cat Scratch Fever starts to make sense. Yes, it isevery bit as zany as it sounds, so let’s take a closer look at it!

Dancing Disco Cats

Slot games aren't known for having intricate plots and settings, but it probably helps to know that this slot game decided to pair the infection one gets from a cat's scratch and Saturday Night Fever.

As such, Cat Scratch Feveris just as insane and off-the-wall as it sounds, with it featuring disco cats, plenty of pink caddies, and all the tacky jewelry you could ever ask for. As crazy as it sounds, it actually works, and better yet, this is the kind of theme that is genuinely unique within the competitive casino gaming world.

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Cat Scratch Fever

Casino of the year 2021

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Bouncing off the Wall

With such an off-the-wall concept at play here, you might expect that the gameplay is every bit as unique. That's not quite the case, as Cat Scratch Fever plays much like Novomatic's other titles - it uses a 3x5 reel system with 25paylines. But this is relatively common throughout the industry, and besides - who needs to reinvent the wheel when it works so well?

Cat Scratch Fever gives the player a lot of flexibility over how they gamble their money. You can bet between 2.00 to 400.00 credits per payline, which means that you can bet up to 10,000 credits on a single spin. What an amazing thing for players who really want to risk it all.

On top of that, you can go double-or-nothing on every winning spin. Plus, if you win that, you can go double or nothing a second time, potentially quadrupling your winnings. Cat Scratch Fever offers no shortage of ways to win big, but it also offers something for more frugal gamblers as well.

Scratch, Spin, and Win

Cat Scratch Fever has two bonus symbols that you should be aware of. The first is the Wild symbol, which looks like a shimmering purple ball. This one takes the place of any symbol and can appear on every reel save for the first.

The second feature is the Scatter. You have to get at least nine of these on the screen to trigger the game's Scratch and Win bonus round, although this isn't as unreasonable as it sounds.

When you activate Scratch and Win, you will be given a bunch of bonus spins that function a bit differently than normal ones. Getting at least two matching symbols will not only give you a win, but you'll see a whole bunch of new symbols fall onto the reels, where they might trigger even more wins. You get between 18and30 free spins overall, so you can expect to trigger a hefty load of wins real quick.

Featuring Further Felines

Cat Scratch Fever boasts an undeniably unique theme, but that doesn't mean that it's a completely original take on the slots genre. Similar games of a comparable calibre exist out there, so if you were looking for something that offers the same kind of quality entertainment as Cat Scratch Fever, we would recommend checking out both Cat Prince and Cat Queen.

They’re not by the same company, but that doesn't mean that they're any less entertaining. If you enjoy what Cat Scratch Fever has to offer, we're sure you'll find those cat-themed titles to be suitable substitutes.

Try Cat Scratch Fever For Free Today

It's a game as crazy as it sounds, but Cat Scratch Fever really manages to hit it out of the ballpark. Novomatic's newest title about dancing cats offers everything a gambler could ask for - high risk and high rewards, plenty of bonuses, cute animations, and a good payout rate when compared to competing titles. Cat Scratch Fever will make your day that much brighter when you open it, so why don't you give it a try?

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