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Novomatic has played into the hands of treasure lovers everywhere with new game Aztec Treasure and its tales of hidden gold. And even if you are not officially an explorer, you can emulate what thousands of real explorers did for many years and plunder the treasures of this ancient civilisation.

Thanks to Novomatic, serious gamers can set out on journeys to find treasures of the Aztecs’ ancient city, seeking out the stuff of which legends are made. This Novomatic game, Aztec Treasure, personifies some of the most legendary tales ever told, and, in so doing; it allows players to try to plunder Aztec treasure, too. On your quest deep into the South American rainforests, you can procure treasure for finding all sorts of items such as leopards, local produce, frogs, and condors, as well as scary totem masks.

Even more rewarding treasure can be found in the persona of local women and men who practice ancient cures; one of its more sacred icons, the Wild Temple; and golden idols.

Aztec Treasure seems to have a serious sense of adventure written into its DNA, but is that enough to make the reels of this game worth spinning? The following reveals what all the fuss is about with this new Novomatic release!

Hail To The Chief

An Aztec Tribal Chief is at the forefront of the action in Aztec Treasure, as he lives his life to win over local villages and conquer all that falls before him. What you’ll also find is that this Aztec Tribal Chief has a certain love for the ladies too; as he is quick to show various women the love he has for them. This fact contributes to the overall, in our view, hilarious design of the game, making general feel enjoyable and upbeat.

Symbols such as headgear, neck ornaments, and masks give the game an Aztec touch, while the tribal soundtrack, with other amusing sound effects; serve to enhance the well-executed animation. Overall, the theme of Aztec Treasure certainly hits the mark as a truly tribal affair.

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Aztec Treasure

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Gold Coins Aplenty With Bonus Features

While your ultimate goal is to get to the sacred Aztec temples to find the Aztec Gold, you can find many winnings lines within the base game that should hold your attention until then.

While it may seem that such things as corn, pumpkins, and tomatoes are not thought of as your traditional plunder, be sure to eat up these healthy items, because you can obtain up to 10,000 coins for doing so. Or, capture frogs for the same amount, as well as 12,500 for condors and leopards. If you think getting 40,000 coins for the totem masks and 75,000 for Golden Idols is lofty, as previously mentioned, the Golden Temples are the real earners, because finding all five of them can win you up to a jaw-dropping 900,000 coins.

Taking gifts from the local medical practitioners can put you, literally, in a spin when you have to figure out your winnings. As these helpful characters are your ticket to big time multipliers and even more importantly, big time payouts.

Seeking Out More Hidden Treasure

The Aztec theme is pretty common within the world of online slots, as plenty of other games have tried it on for size. However, that does not mean that they are as well done as Aztec Treasure. Having said that, our intensive research has yielded a couple of stellar recommendations for players that want to experience something that is at least in the ballpark of what Aztec Treasure has to offer.

These two games are Platinum Pyramid by Amaya and Sunken Treasure by RTG, so keep an eye out for them if you are after more of the same. Both games have a good atmosphere and the chance to award some decent cashes.

Try Aztec Treasure For Free Today

Novomatic’s growing reputation is justified when you lock eyes on what Aztec Treasure brings to the table. It is chock full of excellent graphics, top-end animation, and its theme is classic and well executed.

While it isn’t the most user friendly game we’ve encountered, this fact does not belie that the game has excellent payoffs in the form of some seriously big wins. Novomatic emphasised attention to particular details in its game creation, making it easy for us to endorse Aztec Treasure for those looking for an all around great gaming experience.

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