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Always Hot Cubes Slot Machine

While there are plenty of sizzle-stacked games within the Novomatic back catalogue, there is no denying that the foundations of the brand are classically driven.

All those years ago, when Novomatic was nothing more than an upstart name, it was all things old-school that helped the brand generate momentum.

One game that certainly helped put Novomatic on the map was Always Hot Cubes, a once land-based game that found a new lease of life online.

With a Roll of the Dice

The “Hot” game series is the benchmark offering from Novomatic, with Always Hot Cubes making up a key part of that. What helps make this game immediately different from all other games in the “Hot” series is its visuals, as the usual flames have been dulled to an extent.

Pushed into the background, dice is the sticking visual element in this release. Yes, it hardly the most adventurous set of visuals we’ve ever seen, but what this does is lend itself to is to pick up and play action at its most simple.

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Always Hot Cubes

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Bringing Players Hot, Hot, Heat

If you’ve booted up Always Hot Cubes expecting edge of your seat online slots action we have some bad news, as this simply isn’t what this game is able to deliver.

Always Hot Cubes is arguably as basic as it gets, with it featuring 3 reels, 3 rows, and just 5 paylines, so this game is pure classic slots action, with just a gamble round thrown in for good measure. You select your paylines, you bet your chosen wager, you hit spin, and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Instant play, smooth running, and brutally basic, from just 0.05 a spin, Always Hot Cubes is a game that any player can jump into without too much thought, with there actually being something to be said for the basic nature of Always Hot Cubes.

Not a Bonus to Speak Of

Fans of bonus features beware, as Always Hot Cubes really hasn’t aged well on this front, as it features quite literally no bonus features.

We understand that the game is aimed at the classic slots market, but it’s a shame that Novomatic have opted to throw in nothing extra here. No wilds, no scatters, no multipliers, and no free spins, Always Hot Cubes really is bare bones in this department.

Keeping the Classic Action Coming

Sometimes you have to call it how you see it, as Always Hot Cubes is so basic that you are going to find similar games and clones hard to come by. Reason being, games of this style struggle to command the attention of players. However, thankfully, Novomatic is one developer that refuses to give up on classic slots fan, so we would certainly recommend that you check out other games within the “Hot” series, as they carry the same old-school tone.

Sticking within the Novomatic game catalogue, but forgetting the “Hot” games for a moment, there are a few games with a dice theme that players should definitely keep an eye out for. Multi-Dice and Super Dice carry somewhat similar themes to Always Hot Cubes, but both are a step up on the graphics and features front.

Try Always Hot Cubes for Free Today

In sheer size, you can argue that no slot game series carries more entries than the “Hot” series from Novomatic. Making up another related release is Always Hot Cubes. While it certainly isn’t as innovative as the original, nor is it advanced as the latter offerings, but there is no denying that Always Hot Cubes is worth a spin or two in a pinch.

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