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No Deposit Bonuses

'NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED!!' screams the online casino banner.

And as you click on the link warily, your thoughts turn to lots of lovely lolly.

But there's never such a thing as a free lunch, especially when it comes to online casinos. As the name suggests, a no-deposit bonus offers you free games on selected slots or any game you like. The more "winnings" you get, the more bonus cash you can claim.

If you want to win some free cash playing slots, but don't want to reach into your pockets first, a no-deposit bonus might be for you.

No-deposit sites are also great if you want to try out some new games or navigate a brand new casino. With our picks, has it all covered.

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No Deposit Bonuses for Online Casinos

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What Are No-Deposit Bonuses?

A no-deposit bonus lets you win free cash from the casino, just for playing online slots or table games. Usually they will be offered to new customers only. All that is required is for players to open a new account; no-deposit bonuses are usually prohibited for anyone still working their way through an existing bonus.

By triggering the bonus, you will have access to a new slot, or a range of games on a casino site. You may have a day or week to play as much as you can. Anything you "win" across a series of spins can be claimed back. But there are catches.

Benefits of No-Deposit Bonuses

No Initial Outlay: There's no need to make an initial deposit. All you have to do is start playing and rack up as many wins as you can.

Try out new games and sites: No-deposit promotions give you a chance to test out new titles and see if those bonus features are all they're cracked up to be.

Good for players without a bankroll: If you're short on real cash, a no-deposit bonus can reward some free money without the need for a hefty roll.

Activating Bonus Cash

A basic no-deposit bonus usually promises a few pounds if you play slots in your first week. You might be offered £10 free cash by playing games. With that bonus money you can then spin it up on higher-stakes slots.

However, typical no-deposit bonuses usually come in two varieties: free spins or a straight wagering bonus.

Free Spins

Free spins give you a series of spins on a selected game. Your total "wins" will be totted up. With this total you'll now have to 'wager' it before having the money released.

For example, let's say you play 50 free spins on a new NetEnt slot without making a deposit. Your spins end up giving you £100 in "winnings". To release the money you'll have to keep on "wagering" the cash, typically 10-30 times.

While that usually means you're spinning the reels in the hope you don't go bust (and have to make a real deposit), with the right slots you should be able to stay in the black and have the money released.

Wagering Promotion

Free spins are a classic way to earn a no-deposit bonus. But a simple wagering requirement can also be offered.

Usually offered at casinos with other games like roulette and blackjack, no-deposit players can earn cash by playing a choice of table games or slots. You might have a day or two to play any games you like. The more winnings you rack up the more bonus cash you can release. As with Free Spins, the catch is that you will have to continue and "wager" the winnings 20-30x in order to release it.

Picking The Right Slots

So, how can you keep hold of your no-deposit bonus money? The key is to pick the right games, if possible.

Stick to 5-reel slots with a high RTP (Return to Player percentage) and lots of Wilds and Scatters. Low-variance slots keep the regular winning spins ticking over while you work through the wagering requirement.

It's always worth checking what games are eligible for your no-deposit bonus. If the casino has picked a game that's terrible on payouts, it might be worth steering clear.

A minimum "win" for a no-deposit bonus will almost certainly be stipulated. It might be as low as £0.10, but it's worth checking. A maximum "win" will also be set out. This keeps the liability down for the casino.

No-Deposit Bonuses vs. Deposit Bonuses

Most good casinos offer no-deposit bonus to attract the low-stakes players. But there are still plenty of deposit bonuses to be triggered.

Deposit bonuses require an initial transfer into your gambling account. The casino will then "match" the amount to 100 or 200%. Your job is then to 'play through' the deposit amount playing slots or table games. The site terms and conditions will display the wagering requirement, but it's normally 20x-50x.

As an example, if you deposited £50 in a 100% deposit bonus and have a wagering requirement of 20x, you'd have to gamble £1,000 on slots (including any winnings that are wagered) to earn the free £50 cash.

It's also worth checking to see how much slots contribute towards the bonus. Some sites allow online slots to contribute 100% towards your wagering amount. Others may allow 100% of online slots other than classic slots and progressives. It's important to check that your favourite games are allowed.

Picking the Right Banking Options

There's one more thing to consider, and that's the banking options. While a no-deposit bonus requires no initial transaction, you will sometimes be asked to register your credit card details with the slots site before you can access the bonus.

Of course, you don't have to use the credit card going forward, but it's good to have one to hand to use it for bonuses.

You should be thinking ahead to cashing out your bonus winnings. Register a cheap debit card or e-Wallet so you can get your money out as quick as possible without fees. That way you can be sure of making your no-deposit bonus adventure a lot smoother.

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