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Venetian Rose Slot Machine

Grab your mask, dress to impress and get ready to float through the Grand Canal on board a gondola as Venetian Rose by NextGen Gaming transports you to Venice, the City of Masks, where you’ll be hoping to impress an elegant aristocratic lady who is seeking a romantic suitor.

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported Venice at the turn of the 19th century as you set your sights on the incredible architecture while gliding along the canal, however, Venetian Rose will feel centuries old to some players, despite being released in early 2013, as the background and animations leave a lot to be desired.

A pair of bridges and other impressive buildings can be viewed in the background as a trio of gondolas bob up and down, but the water remains perfectly still - as do the clouds in the distance and the colourful flowers in the foreground. And things don’t get any better in terms of animations whenever you secure a winning combination as the lady waving her fan is about as exciting as things get.

Thankfully, the symbols that fill the reels of the Venetian Rose video slot are much more beautiful to look at so don’t make any hasty decisions and leave just yet.

Take Your Seat in a Gondola

Romance is in the air as a gentle violin tune echoes out while you cross your fingers for matching symbols to appear across the 25 adjustable win lines of this 5x3 reeled slot and that the lady takes a shine to you.

You can take your seat in a gondola from a low limit of just 25p while the most expensive gondoliers will charge you a high limit of £50. No matter which stakes you opt to play for, they will prove to be a small price to pay due to the beautiful scenery you will set your sights on and the bonus features that have been included with Wild and Scatter symbols, Free Games and a Gamble feature.

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Venetian Rose

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Impress the Aristocratic Lady

Your efforts to impress the aristocratic lady, who appears wearing a very expensive blue dress as the diamonds from her array of jewellery shine brightly, begin with you collecting lettered and numbered clues which provide hints on how to woo her.

These have all been designed in an elegant style with collections of 10 and 9 symbols being worth a maximum of 100 coins, Q and J symbols are worth up to 125 coins, while A and K symbols see you secure up to 150 coins.

Locating fans for her to cool down in the sun and opera glasses to ensure she gets a great view see you rewarded with up to 250 coins, taking her for a romantic ride on a gondola through the Grand Canal is sure to impress her as you receive up to 500 coins and being her chosen suitor for the evening and accompanying her to the masquerade ball in your hat and mask will see you secure up to 750 coins as well as a date for the evening.

She might look all prim and proper, but the aristocratic lady loves to surprise you by showing you her wild side as she represents the Wild symbol, substituting for all but the special Scattered masks, to reward you for all your efforts to impress her by presenting you with the top prize of up to 3,000 coins.

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