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The Snake Charmer Slot Machine

The practice of snake charming has left audiences amazed for centuries as courageous snake charmers hypnotise venomous slithering snakes by playing a wind instrument called a pungi, and now is your opportunity to become one as you step in for the local charmer who has fallen asleep in an attempt to please the audience and get richly rewarded for your efforts.

You will find yourself in India with the stunning view of the Taj Mahal in the background as stars shine brightly in the sky on a dark summers evening as you help the snake charmers stunning assistant to wow the crowd that has gathered for the spectacle as he snores his head off, with the more hissing snakes that you can charm resulting in greater rewards for providing the evening’s entertainment.

The Snake Charmer has been developed by NextGen Gaming and is a 5 reeled slot machine containing 25 paylines which can be adjusted and you’ll have the opportunity to charm the snakes by stumping up 25p up to £50 per spin. Aside from the snores of the snake charmer you will hear sitars and drums ring out to create a lively atmosphere, however triggering the free spins bonus game will see the snake charmer wake up to assist you in hypnotising even more snakes which can rise from the baskets below each of the reels.

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The Snake Charmer

Casino of the year 2021

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Tame the Slithering Snakes

While there are twelve different symbol in total, it’s the two special symbols of snakes and the snake charmer that you will be hoping make the most appearances as these are key to landing big wins on the reels as the amazed crowd chuck tips your way to reward your bravery.

The slithering green snakes are the Wild symbols and can substitute for all but the Scatter symbols, plus you’ll be welcoming their hisses whenever they appear as they bring rewards of up to 5,000 coins which is the highest payout available – though you’ll need five on a payline for that top prize. The snoring snake charmer is the Scatter symbol and brings instant Scatter wins whenever he makes an appearance two or more times on the reels with him showing up twice rewarding you with 2x your stake, three times and you’ll claim 4x your stake, four appearances bring 15x your stake, and if you’re really lucky and he graces you with his presence five times you’ll win 100x your stake.

The snake charmer’s beautiful assistants are also on hand to provide the beauty for the evening as they burst into a dance while you hypnotise the snakes, there are elephants that you will travel on to take the spectacle to other parts of India, a pungi which you use to get the snakes under your control, baskets which keep them trapped – let’s face it if the snakes escape there is no show, plus there are also Ace to 9 icons which have the lowest payouts of all.

Wake Up the Charmer for Free Spins

While you learn the ropes of snake charming on the job with the help of the snake charmer’s assistants, the show really begins whenever the snoring snake charmer wakes up from his dreams. This happens whenever you see him appear three or more times on the reels as you trigger a free spins feature which never fails to leave you hissing in celebration with every snake that appears.

For awakening the snake charmer before the show is over you will receive 10 free spins but what really makes this free spins feature stand out is that Wild snakes can appear randomly as Expanding Wild symbols to cover the first, third and/or fifth reels as they spring up from their baskets below the reels.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to win additional free spins and I think it’s a pity you can’t get extra free spins for landing four and five Scatter symbols to trigger the feature, although the Scatter pays are substantially higher which makes up for it.

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