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The Flash Velocity Slot Machine

Barry Allen was just a typical guy who went to work as a police scientist but frustrated his fiancée by dedicating so much time to solving crime as it left little time for them to do things as a couple. However, everything changed one late night as he was leaving for home and a lightning bolt shattered a case of chemicals which spilt all over him and left him with super-speed powers enabling him to dash around the world in an instant to solve crimes on his own as his alter ego, The Flash!

Like the other DC Comic slots that have been released by NextGen Gaming (the Batman slot machine and the Green Lantern slot machine) the fast-paced action of The Flash Velocity slot machine will make you’ll feel like you’re watching a movie due to the spectacular comic styled graphics that have been used, the slick animations that occur after winning combinations, and the dramatic sound effects as The Flash rushes frantically to solve the most hideous of crimes.

All of the action takes place across 5 reels and 50 paylines with several bonus features included such as the Speedsters feature which sees Flash randomly turn positions Wild, the Rogues feature which offers free spins and is only accessible if you play in Bonus Bet mode, and you can even take a gamble after winning combinations if you’re feeling like an untouchable superhero!

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The Flash Velocity

Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Watch The Flash Make a Dash

Spinning the reels of The Flash Velocity slot machine is just like turning the pages of a DC Comic with vibrant action packed symbols covering the reels, plus you’ll enjoy amazing animations like when The Flash dashes across the screen rapidly in the Speedsters feature which occurs and random and can see symbols turned into Wilds.

The Flash in his scarlet, skin-tight outfit leads the way on the reels as the most valuable symbol with five of him on a payline resulting in a win worth 10,000 coins, plus he is also the Wild symbol with any wins that he substitutes for in the base game being subject to a 3x multiplier, while when Bonus Bet is active this jumps up to 5x in the base game and a sensational 10x in the free spins mode.

There are also Bonus and Scatter symbols which offer payouts of 5,000 coins for five on a payline and these are both represented by the Flash lightning bolt icon. Of course, three of the most infamous rogues in the comic books also make an appearance with Captain Cold, Gorilla Grood, and Mirror Master all up to no good, plus there is a speedometer which can’t keep up with the speed of The Flash, an image of his legs moving frantically as he makes a dash for it, and Ace, King, Queen, and Jack playing card icons feature on the reels too.

A Gallery Full of Rogues

Make sure you’re playing in Bonus Bet mode as the Rogues feature is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Triggered simply by landing three or more of the Bonus symbols on screen at the same time, you will be granted the power of having 12 free spins, but what is most exciting is that you get to choose one of three additional features to be active as they play out.

Captain Cold: Whenever The Flash makes an appearance on the reels he becomes an expanded Wild symbol as Captain Cold appears to zap the reel and freeze him in place for a re-spin that usually brings additional wins.

Gorilla Grood: On each and every one of your free spins the villain will appear on screen to randomly turn one of the reels Wild to boost your chances of winning.

Mirror Master: This is my favourite option as it can see the rogue appear on screen and rewind the clock by replaying your last four free spins, essentially providing you with additional spins on top of your initial twelve.

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