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Psycho Slot Machine

Grab your pillow as you’ll probably find yourself hiding behind it while spinning the reels of Psycho by NextGen Gaming due to the gruesome graphics and spine-tingling soundtrack, which is sure to give you goose bumps and set your pulse racing, as you check in to the infamous Bates Hotel.

Based on the classic Alfred Hitchcock horror film that was released in 1960, Psycho begins with a chilling opening scene that sets the tone of the game as you step into the shoes of Marion Crane.

You’ve just embezzled $40,000 from your employer’s client and are on your way to start a new life with love interest Sam only to get caught in a severe storm along the way. Seeing there are vacancies at the Bates Hotel, you pull over and knock the door before being greeted by the owner, Norman Bates.

Check in to Room Number One

As the thunderstorm rages outside, Norman checks you in from a low limit of just 25p and hands you the keys to room number one before you get comfy and start spinning the 5 reels in the hopes of landing winning combinations across 25 fixed paylines.

Considered to be a highly volatile slot, Psycho boasts large Scatter wins, a Free Games feature and a Gamble feature, however, it’s a razor-sharp chef’s knife slashing at the reels that you’ll hope to see most frequently as this means Psycho Wilds have been added to the reels with big multipliers applied to your win!

Just cross your fingers that you survive the night and get to cash-out your winnings!

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It’s Raining Wilds!

It’s raining heavily outside and you’ll be hoping that there is a torrential downpour of Wilds while playing the Psycho slot machine as these substitute for all but the Scatter symbol, represented by a view of the Bates Hotel, are worth up to 1,250 coins and wins they are involved in are multiplied by either 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x or 20x.

Marion appearing in one piece is always a welcome sight as you pocket up to 1,000 coins, Norman greeting you sees you win up to 250 coins, the sight of him peeking through your door and the envelope of cash is worth up to 200 coins, while the key to room number one is worth a maximum of 150 coins.

As usual with real money online slots by NextGen Gaming, a selection of playing card symbols have been included as the least valuable symbols on the pay table. These have all been slashed at with a razor-sharp knife, no prizes are on offer for guessing who by, with sets of A symbols seeing you secure up to 150 coins, matching K and Q symbols is worth up to 125 coins, plus up to 100 coins is on offer for lining up J and 10 symbols.

Enjoy a Shower of Free Spins

The infamous Bates Hotel appearing on the reels of the Psycho video slot three or more times during the same spin sees the most famous scene from the movie recreated as you step under the shower.

Three of the Bates Hotel Scatter symbols see you secure 50x your stake along with 10 free games, four of them are worth 375x your stake along with 15 free games, while the horrifying hotel appearing five times sees you scoop 2,500x your stake as you receive 20 free games.

More Psycho Wilds can appear throughout the feature, which can be retriggered, as you witness a silhouette of Norman appearing behind the shower curtain before swiping at the reels with a large chef’s knife which adds the Wilds to random positions – with increased multipliers worth 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 20x or 40x.

The game feature culminates in a view of the showers plug hole as blood mixes with the water before being washed away – a truly horrific sight, but it’s one that is made better by a large figure splashing across the screen highlighting your total win.

Seeking Greater Thrills?

As if checking into the Bates Hotel and staying in room number one under the same roof as Norman wasn’t a big enough risk, the thrill seekers amongst you will have the opportunity to set your pulse racing even faster in this free Psycho slot machine thanks to the inclusion of a Gamble feature.

This sees you pass the time by playing a card game against Norman time in the hopes of doubling or quadrupling your winnings. Correctly guessing whether the card will be red or black sees you double your money whereas quadrupling your win requires you to predict what suit it will be, however, be careful not to get too greedy while gambling or your room will end up costing a fortune as the mummy’s boy takes all that real cash as a big tip for his hospitality!

Will You Survive the Night?

You might not win the $40,000 that Marion embezzled from her employer’s client, but you certainly won’t be checking out from Psycho early as it’s one of the best casino slot machines that NextGen Gaming have released, plus those Psycho Wilds always help to ensure you enjoy a better outcome than the former secretary!

Whether you manage to sleep after spinning these horrifying reels is another matter, though!

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