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Oil Mania Slot Machine

Fancy striking it rich? Of course you do, we all do, and now is your opportunity by taking to the oil fields of Texas to help contribute to the Oil Tycoon’s hillbilly workforce and making him even more stinking rich by drilling for oil on his rigs to further grow his empire – with very big rewards on offer for all of the oil that you discover!

With a bright blue sky to gaze at during tea breaks (yes you get some breaks too, he’s not the worst slave driver out there), the Oil Tycoon’s oil field stretches far and wide with numerous rigs set up to ensure no oil goes undiscovered. You’ll also hear typical sounds you’d associate with Texas as you’ll listen to the strums of a guitar as the reel’s spin, with a frantic upbeat tune ringing out loudly when you land winning combinations, plus you’ll also hear birds whistling and the mechanical sound of the machines drilling deep into the ground in the hope of seeing the good old black stuff spurting out.

Oil Mania is a 5-reeled online slot offering 25 paylines which can be adjusted with you allowed to access the oil fields and have the opportunity of striking it rich from 25p up to £50 each time. With a return to player percentage of 95.66% you could find yourself stationed in the oil fields for quite some time, while the largest rewards come whenever the Oil Tycoon shows up to see what progress has been made in the Upbeat feature where oil flows from the ground – the rewards are well worth the dirt you’ll be covered in!

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Oil Mania

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

A Slice of the Tycoon’s Fortune

It’s raining oil whenever the Oil Tycoon is around as he appears puffing on his fat cigar while clutching hold of an umbrella that has oil dripping off it – a sign that it’s been a very good day. He is the shot caller in these parts and while he only appears on the middle three reels, when he appears you’ll be enjoying free spins!

There is also a moustached man in overalls (presumably representing you) who is covered from head to toe in oil, a luxury car that belongs to the Tycoon, a briefcase full of cash – hopefully your payday, a chart displaying the fluctuating value of oil, plus Ace to 9 icons.

Watch the Oil Gush

Whenever you see the Oil Tycoon make an appearance on the second, third or fourth reel this signals that you’ve hit a lucky spot and discovered a location rich with oil – which will ultimately make you rich in return!

The Oil Tycoon will then grant you three free spins with the Upwild feature active to boost your chances of winning even further. This means that the Wild Oil symbol will appear on the bottom position of the reel that he shows up on, with the oil spurting higher with each free spin as the second free spin sees the Wild Oil symbol expand to the central reel position, and then on the third free spin it sees the Wild Oil symbol become a Stacked Wild symbol – with a flood of winning combinations following!

It's also interesting that you can win additional free spins by getting the Oil Tycoon to land on one of the other two reels as your free spins play out, and should you be lucky enough to have the Upwild feature active on all three of the reels at the same time, sit back and put your feet up as you could be set to retire once and for all!

Increasing the Value of Your Oil

The price of oil is constantly fluctuating, and if you find the rewards given to you by the Oil Tycoon to be a little on the low side, you can attempt to increase their value by utilising the gamble feature to transform them into a much more satisfying payday.

The Oil Tycoon is a big fan of card games and when you opt to gamble it sees you choose to risk your earnings through the choice of two gamble options – with the prospect of either doubling or quadrupling your winnings. Doubling them requires you to choose whether the next playing card will be red or black, while quadrupling your winnings will require you to select the suit that the playing card will be – which is obviously a much more challenging task. Be careful not to get as greedy as the Oil Tycoon though or all that hard work slaving away will have been for nothing as your winnings disappear!

Not as Manic as Expected

Oil Mania isn’t as manic as you’ll first presume with a major lack of bonus features, however once you see oil spurting from the ground it will certainly get your attention!

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