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Munchers Slot Machine

Pull on your gardening gloves and head into the greenhouse as Munchers by NextGen Gaming sees you try to satisfy the hungry needs of your collection of Venus flytraps.

Searching for Bugs

Boasting a payout percentage of 95.35%, Munchers has been mobile-optimised and sees you search across 5 reels with 3 rows in the hopes of lining up flies and spiders across 25 adjustable win lines from a low limit of 25p – a small price to pay to ensure your plants are happy as you could benefit from a host of bonus features.

Witnessing Venus flytraps chomping is always a beautiful sight as they represent the Wild symbol and offer the top prize of 5,000 coins, ensuring they are well-watered will see you scoop Scatter wins worth up to 100x your stake and could see you rewarded with the Munchers feature that sees you receive 10 free games as Expanding Wilds are introduced, plus you can utilise a Gamble feature if you’re feeling hungry for bigger prizes!

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Reap What You Sow

When you planted the seeds, you knew exactly what hungry insectivorous plants would grow so you’ll have to put all your effort into maintaining them – just don’t get your hands too close to them!

In case there is a shortage of flies and spiders to feed your Venus flytraps, you’ll have cultivated a range of letters and numbers for them to feast on as a substitute. Each of these has been decorated with a sprig of vegetation with rewards of up to 100 coins on offer for feeding your plants sets of 10 and 9 symbols, you’ll secure up to 150 coins whenever they devour Q and J symbols, while rewards of up to 200 coins are on offer whenever they feast on A and K symbols.

You don’t want any blood to be spilled if you happen to get chomped on by the plants so make sure you have plenty of pairs of gloves at the ready and that you’ve got a stockpile of equipment like spades and forks as these are all worth up to 400 coins.

Collecting clusters of spiders to feed your plants will see you feast on wins worth up to 750 coins but it’s a swarm of flies that you will hope to feed them most frequently as they fill their belly more and see you pocket up to 1,500 coins.

There are also a couple of special symbols to watch out for with the Venus flytrap representing the Wild symbol, munching the word in two bites whenever it is part of wins, as you sink your teeth into the top prize of up to 5,000 coins and it can substitute for all but the Scattered watering cans.

Watch Them Grow

Ensuring your Venus flytraps remain in good health requires you to ensure they get plenty of water every day and watering cans lining up on the reels of the Munchers video slot will help both your plants and your balance grow.

Three watering cans see you pour 4x your stake onto your balance, four of them are worth 15x your stake, while five of them feed your balance with 100x your stake.

In addition to this, you will also receive 10 free games that can be retriggered. Throughout these free games, the Venus flytraps can randomly expand to become Expanding Wilds that cover all positions of the reel that they appear on – a sight that so often creates a harvest of huge wins!

Very Hungry Plants

Despite your best efforts to satisfy the cravings of these carnivorous plants, you’ll find that they could feast on flies and spiders all day long as they are constantly feeling peckish.

You might find yourself feeling hungry too, not for bugs, but for even greater prizes as you spin the reels of this free Munchers slots game and you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings by clicking the gamble button that appears after winning combinations.

This sees you risk your winnings on the flip of a card as you choose whether the playing card will be red or black in the hopes of doubling your money, while the bravest green-fingered players amongst you can try to quadruple your winnings by guessing what suit it will be.

Be careful not to get too greedy, though, as an incorrect choice will see a Venus flytrap devour your winnings in the blink of an eye – a sight that feels as painful as one chomping at your hand!

They’ll Grow on You

The sight of the Venus flytraps chomping at the reels will initially be one that leaves you feeling terrified, however, watering them and satisfying their hunger by feeding them flies and spiders will see them grow on you as quickly as your balance does!

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