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Blood Lore Wolf Pack Slot Machine

If you’re in the mood for a gory spectacle, you’ll love the Wolf Pack slot machine which is part of the Blood Lore series of slots developed by NextGen Gaming. While the Blood Lore Vampire Clan slot machine saw you play as a ferocious werewolf, this time you take the role of a vampire with razor sharp fangs who treks deep into the heart of a dark forest lit up by the brightness of the full moon in order to slay as many werewolves as you can – with each one slayed seeing you mock them by howling in delight!

The frightening action takes place across five reels and twenty paylines, and while you’ll find yourself armed with a pointed stake to stab through the heart of the werewolves you bump into, you’ll have to stump up a different kind of stake to access the creepy forest – with stakes ranging from 40p up to £80 per spin as you set off in pursuit of blood.

Not for the Faint Hearted

To taste the blood of the werewolves you’ll have to navigate your way deep into the heart of the creepy forest that they call home. Be careful with your footing as it’s hard to see in the fog, with the brightness of the full moon and the two flaming torches that adorn the reels helping you see where you are going. You’ll be even more creeped out by the whistling of birds sat in the trees, the howling of the werewolves as they gather together to defend their territory, and the peculiar piano tune that rings out in very dramatic fashion while you spin the reels – you must be dead inside if you don’t get an adrenaline rush spinning these reels!

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Blood Lore Wolf Pack

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In the Dark of the Night

As a vampire, it’s time for a killing frenzy when the full moon appears, as you set off to the werewolves’ territory for a bloodthirsty battle. The leader of their pack is the Wolfman who appears to be a normal male with a rather messy haircut upon first glances, however with the full moon setting in, he dramatically transforms into a beastly werewolf and howls with his mouth wide open to showcase a set of razor sharp fangs of his own. As he is the leader, and subsequently the Wild symbol, he can substitute for all symbols aside from the full moon which is the Scatter symbol offering wins worth up to 100x your stake.

The highest valued symbol of all is the pack of werewolves which could see you earn rewards of up to 5,000 coins for overcoming in the dark of the night, there are dead deer’s to provide a scent for you to follow to corner the creatures, holy water and crucifixes for you to destroy, and also Ace to 9 icons which are the lowest in value of all.

The Wolfman Grants Re-Spin

While the base game provides the opportunity of huge wins, you’ll be hoping to see the Wolfman transform from a pale individual into a hairy beast stretching out his arms in an aggressive manner as he prepares to defend his forest against you.

Whenever the Wolfman makes an appearance on both the second and fourth reels at the same time they will become Expanding Wild symbols instead with the first, third and fifth reels then spun again for a total of five times – which never fails to result in you revelling in very satisfying wins!

Blood Lore Certainly Won’t Bore

Only the bravest slots players will opt to step into the soul of a vampire armed with a bloodied stake to explore an eerie forest that homes the most vicious of werewolves when the full moon sets, and while you may get savaged by their razor-sharp teeth, one thing for certain is that you will never be bored playing Blood Lore Wolf Pack.

The conflict between vampires and werewolves is a never ending one therefore we wouldn’t be surprised to see yet more titles added to the Blood Lore series by NextGen Gaming, and with such large wins on offer to sink your fangs into, you’d be a fool not to head to one of the best online casinos for UK players to tame the werewolves once and for all!

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