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Pandora's Box Slots

Unless you’re an avid fan of Greek mythology you’ve probably never heard about the tale of Pandora’s Box before, but thanks to Net Entertainment (NetEnt) you’re about to experience the magical tale in all its glory on the reels as you delve into the ancient world of Greek Gods.

According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth after Hephaestus was ordered by Zeus to use water and Earth to create her before she was gifted clothes, beauty, musical ability and the power of speech.

So where did the box come from you ask? Well, NetEnt have actually used their imagination here as the famous tale from Hesiod’s “Work and Days” poem told the story of a jar being given to Pandora that contained all the evils of the world which flew out whenever she opened it, leaving only hope inside once the jar had been closed.

Enter the World of Greek Gods

Fortunately for punters, the box in the Pandora’s Box video slot proves to be much more rewarding than the jar in the famous poem as opening it could see you win up to 120,000 coins. The 5 reels have been separated by ornate marble columns and the 20 betting lines are each indicated by numbers on vines and while I expected dreamy sound effects, however you’ll hear wild gusts of wind and loud thuds as each reel falls into place which gets quite annoying after a few spins.

To enter the world of Greek Gods with all betting lines active you will have to stump up a minimum of 20p up to a high limit of £80 each time. Once there you will see two types of Wild symbols which are both represented by the almighty Zeus – a standard Wild which offers a base game jackpot of up to 10,000 coins and a special Golden Wild while the beautiful Pandora acts as the Scatter and could lavish you with free spins!

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Pandoras Box

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Wild Wins Courtesy of Zeus

Zeus ruled as king of the Gods on Mount Olympus and he dominates on these reels as well, acting as both the standard and Golden Wild. He can be seen clutching hold of a bolt of lightning in both symbols with the gold background of the Golden Wild being the only design difference between the two.

The standard Wild symbol can appear on all five reels and they could see him unleash his powers to grant you wins of up to 10,000 coins while winning combinations that they feature in will see their payouts doubled in value. The Golden Wild will only appear on the third reel and if you land it as part of winning combinations they will be quadrupled in value!

All Things Ancient Greek

Powered with software by Net Entertainment (NetEnt), the rest of the symbols on the reels of this free Pandora’s Box slot evoke all things ancient Greek.

A Trojan helmet tops the pay table as the highest-paying standard symbol as finding these can see you secure up to 750 coins, locating the lost shields which bear Medusa and finding the old harps will each see you receive up to 500 coins, finding amphora’s and bunches of grapes see you claim up to 250 coins, picking olives see you receive up to 200 coins for your efforts, while there are also Ace to 10 symbols that have been carved out of marble.

Receive the Gift of Free Spins

Hesiod’s famous tale told how the jar Pandora was given contained all the evils of the world which flew out whenever she opened it, however whenever you see her pop up on the reels three or more times you’ll see her open a box that provides you with the gift of free spins instead.

Her appearance three times sees you receive 5x your stake and 10 free spins, four times sees you claim 25x your stake along with 20 free spins, while the rare sight of her on the reels five times at once will have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine with a jaw-dropping 500x your stake and 30 free spins. Oh, and just when you thought she couldn’t get any more generous, all wins are tripled!

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