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Creature From The Black Lagoon Slots

Net Entertainment have once again trawled through the Hollywood movie archives to reincarnate the story of one of the most popular monster movies of all time, Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Developed in collaboration with Universal, this free Creature from the Black Lagoon slot machine sees you join the team of four scientists (Kay, David, Carl and Lucas) who featured in the black and white 1954 movie as you join them on a hunt down the beautiful Amazon River in the hope of finding evidence that a land and sea creature exists – with very large rewards on offer for doing so!

On the Hunt for Gill-man

Gamblers beware! Of all the online slot machines that I’ve reviewed, Creature from the Black Lagoon boasts the most spine-tingling intro I’ve ever seen. It shows the creature rise from the sea with his arms stretching towards you and you’ll have the stunning view of the Amazon River to gaze at as trees overhang the reels. You’ll hear calming music as you spin the reels only for your heart to skip a beat as more dramatic sounds echo when you land winning combinations, plus the win box often displays famous quotes from the movie such as “sitting out here, waiting for some monster to appear".

The monster you will be waiting for to provide evidence is referred to as Gill-man and you’ll hope to see him pop up plenty of times so that you can amass lots of evidence with Wilds, Spreading Wilds and Sticky Wilds ensuring you’re well rewarded in this slot with 5 reels which contains 20 pay lines, however the biggest wins of all come from shooting the monster and freeing Kay from its clutches in the sensational free spins feature!

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Creature from the Black Lagoon

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Stunning Sights Along the Amazon River

No evidence is too little as you navigate your way along the Amazon River so you’ll have your eyes wide open while you walk, however it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the stunning views of the calm water and surrounding vegetation on such a beautiful day.

While gathering evidence of life is important, it’s Wild symbols that you’ll be hoping to see most of all as these can appear on the reels completely at random both in the base game and the free spins feature with Wild symbols acting as a Sticky Wild and remaining on the reels for one re-spin whenever they make an appearance which always results in additional coins coming your way.

The beautiful Kay Lawrence is the eye-candy for the males amongst you as she poses in a bikini gazing through binoculars, while David Reed appearing topless while carrying a harpoon will likely tickle the fancy amongst the females. You will also see Carl and Lucas on the reels too with binoculars, a tank of oxygen, a vintage camera and a razor-sharp knife acting as the lowest-valued symbols on the pay table.

Kill the Creature to Free Kay

Don’t stop spinning the reels of this online slot until you trigger this free spins feature as the animated scene which plays before your spins start is well worth the view, never mind the massive wins that you are practically guaranteed thanks to those Wild symbols.

In dramatic fashion, you’ll witness the prehistoric creature kidnap Kay to its underwater lair with you strapping on the breathing equipment and diving deep into the sea in an attempt to rescue her. A health meter is displayed on the reels as you come face to face with the creature who holds Kay in front of itself for protection as you are granted 10, 15 or 20 free spins depending on the number of Free Spins symbols that you trigger the feature with.

Every time you see a target symbol you will get to have a shot at the creature with a harpoon, with damage inflicted clear to see on its health meter, and while it may take a lot to defeat the creature, that just means even greater rewards will be coming your way as Wilds increase in power the more hits you land.

There are four segments to the health meter with 0-2 hits seeing Sticky Wilds remain on the reels for a re-spin just as they do in the base game, 3-5 hits introducing Spreading Wilds which spread one position to the left before a re-spin, 6-8 hits see Spreading Wilds that spread one place to the left and right before a re-spin, while 9 or more hits see you reload with the bonus of 10 additional free spins while the Spreading Wilds that spread both left and right remain active as you finally defeat the ‘Gill-man’ and free the stunning Kay.

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