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Aliens Slot Machine

Aliens was a blockbuster movie directed by James Cameron and starring Sigourney Weaver which was released in 1986, and now thanks to Net Entertainment collaborating with 20th Century Fox they have brought a terrifying yet brilliant slot to our screen with the Aliens slot machine.

Net Entertainment are renowned for their incredible licensed slot machines, but Aliens is certainly amongst the best they have released, up there with Jack and the Beanstalk. It boasts stunning graphics which begin with a breath taking animated scene of a space ship landing at LV-426. This is Ellen Ripley accompanied by a team of marines from Weyland-Yutani Corporation to investigate her claims of Aliens killing the ship’s crew and forcing her to destroy it on a past voyage to the colony, and they are back for vengeance to take on the hundreds of Aliens that greet them.

Aliens consists of three different game levels – the search, encounter, and hive with rewards gradually increasing as you progress through the levels – with a colossal maximum win of 570,000 coins up for grabs should you prove victorious against the ferocious creatures!

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Terrifyingly Realistic Symbols

The symbols featured in Aliens are certainly not for the squeamish as they have been designed with great detail and appear very realistic which certainly adds to the terrifying experience as you just expect them to spring out from the screen. Don’t run just yet though, it’s just 3D animations and it’s actually the most frightening Aliens that bring the biggest payouts!

The dramatic experience Aliens offers is brought to life with the ten Alien symbols which range in size from an Alien egg which is the smallest and lowest valued symbol of all, up to the biggest Alien of all who is the highest valued paying 1000 coins for five on a payline – stark contrast to the 30 coins that the Alien egg brings for five on a payline. There is also the Weyland-Yutani Corporation logo which is the Wild symbol in Aliens which can appear on reels 2 to 5 of level one (The Search) and randomly anywhere on level two (The Encounter) aside from the reel with the overlay Ammo Clip, more on this below.

Level 1 (The Search)

The first level of Aliens sees you hunt for Alien activity, with the goal being to collect symbols and fill the activity meter with the highest multipliers possible. Having the activity meter filled with multipliers after completing the nine required steps set you up for phenomenal wins in the second level.

Level 2 (The Encounter)

The Encounter level sees you fight through waves of Alien attacks with the ultimate goal being to reach the Queen Hive (level three), plus you begin very nicely with a guaranteed win on your first spin. The multipliers accumulated in the first level are used as symbols in this level plus there is an ammo clip reel which contains ammo symbols and when you land one on the central position of a reel it will boost the ammo clip counter and result in you enjoying re-spins as the Aliens are shot.

Level 3 (The Hive)

The Hive is the third and final level of Aliens. This sees you granted with 5 re-spins and offers the possibility of killing the Queen Hive with just one grenade – a feat that will see you rewarded with the maximum 570,000 coins for your victorious efforts!

Live To Fight Another Day…

If at first you don’t find the big wins keep trying as they are certainly achievable in Aliens. It is a slot machine with 5 reels and 15 paylines rather than the usual 20 paylines, but the betting options are fantastic as they enable you to play from only 15p up to £150 per spin – suiting any slots players bankroll limits.

The three levels bring the action of the movie to the reels and provide you with something to strive for rather than just making spin after spin, however some players may feel a little overwhelmed at the complexity of it as they are not used to these kind of levels in slot machines.

Personally, I think Aliens is incredible. Not only is it one of the most visually impressive slot machines from Net Entertainment, the three levels offer something to strive towards and an additional sense of achievement when you do so – along with massive payouts you enjoy by defeating the fearsome Aliens along the way!

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