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Slots For Apple iPad

Despite its hefty price tag, the latest iPad tablets continue to wow mobile gamblers the world over. If you buy into the whole Apple mantra, you'll want to know how you can gamble on slots wherever you are.

Luckily, with its superior firepower and good connectivity, the Apple iPad is ideal for the very latest mobile slots. Once, Apple owners struggled to find gambling software that was adapted for them. Things are very different now, though. Most new slots are adapted for iOS users, and many can be downloaded as part of a bigger casino app.

Let's take a closer look at why Apple players don't have to worry any more about non-compatible games and App Stores not playing ball.

Apple iPad Slots Good and Bad


  • Play real-money games on the latest iPads
  • HTML5 games work across iOS devices
  • Enjoy powerful processing power of iPad Air


  • Apps hard to find on iTunes/App Store
  • Some functions are missing in iPad versions
  • Flash not supported for some slots

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Playing Mobile Slots On iPad

Whether you have an older iPad, the new 10" iPad Air 2, or the "cut-price" iPad Mini 4, mobile slots work in the same way.

Native apps are designed specifically for iOS users. The games are programmed with Apple devices in mind, and players can download dedicated apps and suites in one go.

If you've played slots on a Mac or PC you'll notice some differences on the iPad. The casino site will be simpler to look at, and you may lose some of the interactivity of a full-on desktop gaming client.

The slots themselves are redesigned to fit your iPad screen. Even an HD 10" screen needs to cram in every detail. That means the reels will typically fill the screen, and coin bets are altered via a drop-down menu. Every developer has their own way of presenting the information so it's worth doing some homework on your favourite slots companies first.

Native Apps vs. No-Download Games

While the App Store does have some gambling apps, most of the time you'll be downloading clients direct from casino sites.

But no-download slots are a solid alternative for iPad owners. Just have the latest version of Safari or Firefox on your tablet and log in to your favourite casinos via the browser. Games will load instantly in your browser window for real-money play.

Because a lot of mobile slots today are programmed in HTML5, you won't run into any problems handling Adobe Flash. There are ways to get Flash to work on the iPad, like downloading the Puffin Browser which supports Flash on Apple devices. The truth is that the multimedia player is on its way out (even some browsers refuse to support it) and HTML5 is the winner for most devices.

Disadvantages of iPad Slots

The biggest disadvantage of the iPad is the cost. And that's before you even get to the slots. With a new premium iPad costing upwards of £650, that's a serious dent in your gambling budget. Compare that to a powerful Android tablet at half the price and you can see the difference.

Most iPads, however, come with 3G/4G mobile Internet options, meaning you're able to play slots anywhere on the go. The new iPad Air 2 has a fingerprint reader - making it good for security-conscious mobile gamblers - and it's super-fast at web browsing.

Another problem with iPads is the storage. Other tablets let you increase the storage by inserting an SD memory card. The iPad doesn't come with that capability. If you have the funds then, and are intent on downloading lots of native slots apps, opt for the max. 128GB iPad tablet. This is a good option anyway if you're planning on downloading films and music.

Data Usage For Games

It's worth knowing your data package when you buy an iPad for slots, if you have one. A 3G or 4G connection can severely dent your data usage when gambling online. Some casinos estimate 100kb every time you load a new game.

For the most part, iPad owners will only be able to access WiFi, so it's worth being close to a safe connection when you're out and about.

Data users can avoid usage overload by monitoring their usage. iOS has a 'Cellular Data Usage' section under the Settings which can be used to carefully monitor your data spend. Alternatively, download an app like DataMan Next which gives you warnings if you're going to spank the data plan.

iPad Mobile Security

Security is a key worry for many slots players. No-one wants their account or phone hacked into and their winnings stolen.

Most mobile casinos operate top-level SSL security to protect players' details. That means every time you log in you can play slots and deposit real money safely.

Alternatively, you can download an iOS app which offers an extra level of security.

Norton, the brains behind the leading PC security software, has an iOS app called Norton Identity Safe. This app saves all your site passwords and syncs them with your other Apple devices. For ease of use, Tim Tim's iPassword app lets you log-in to multiple casinos and slots sites with one simple tap. It's a great little app if you find you're playing across many casinos at once.

Our dedicated section for UK casino reviews allows users to see a list of sites that are compatible for iPad players

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