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The Umpire Srikes Back Slot

Putting a twist on the title of a classic sci-fi movie, The Umpire Strikes Back by Microgaming is a cricket-themed slot that sees the umpire take centre stage at the crease for some humorous fun.

You see, the eleventh and twelfth players of the chasing team have both fallen ill, therefore the umpire has kindly offered to step in so that the match can conclude. The defending team have such a large lead and are so confident that their high score cannot be beaten that they’re allowing him to do so – little did they know, he used to be a dab hand with the bat!

Classic Cricket Fun

There aren’t too many casino slot machines with a cricket theme available to play at online casinos but Microgaming dominate the niche with their Cricket Star slot machine proving to be one of the most popular, however, don’t expect the same kind of structure or bonus features here.

Let’s face it, cricket is a sport that many people find very boring, especially those boring test matches that drag on at a pedestrian pace for several days, but this is more like an exhilarating game of cricket in T20 format, so you’ll be pleased to hear that The Umpire Strikes Back video slot is a 3-reeled slot that contains just a single payline - making it great for those of you who like fast-paced gameplay.

On the flip side, this means that there aren’t many bonus games to get excited about. There is a Hi/Lo game, although those of you who are new to playing online slots might find it a little confusing to start with, as you win nudges and holds that can be strategically used to improve your odds of proving victorious – just as a cricket team must pick and choose their moments to attack!

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The Umpire Strikes Back

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Have a Successful Innings

The background of most real money online slots that display the pay table alongside the reels is usually boring, but that’s not the case in The Umpire Strikes Back as you see a bowler run so fast that he leaves a trail of smoke in his path, a batsman ducking in fear of being struck with a ball that flies towards him, a hunched-over batsman who has just been dismissed slowly making his way to the side line, a wicket-keeper catching a ball, plus the grinning umpire holding a bat as he prepares himself to smash some sixes.

As funny as those images are, it’s the symbols and payouts that you’ll be most interested in as you aim to have a successful innings by matching three of the same symbol for a multiplier of your stake.

Lining up a trio of sweet cherries sees you secure 1x, you’ll receive 2x for sinking your teeth into sour lemons, ‘4’ signs signalling that a boundary has been hit see you win 4x, the ball being smashed for six earns you 6x, juicy oranges deliver delicious wins worth 10x, sets of kneepads are worth 25x, a trio of helmets is worth 50x, three bats add 200x to your balance, while the grinning umpire can guide you to victory with 1,000x!

Pick Your Moments

Just as batsmen pick specific bowlers to target before smashing the ball to and beyond the boundary, this free The Umpire Strikes Back slot machine will see you pick your moments to nudge and hold after a trio of cricket balls appear on the reels to start the bonus game.

This Hi/Lo game sees you accumulate additional multiplier bonuses, nudges and bonus opportunities by correctly guessing whether numbers that appear in red, yellow and blue boxes will be higher or lower, with the main aim being to reach the 2,000x multiplier prize at the top of the ladder.

There are a couple of other bonus features that trigger whenever either ‘Shifta’ or ‘Let ‘em Spin’ appears on the notice board above the reels of this free online slots game. The Shifta feature occurs after non-winning spins with the reels being rearranged to provide you with a win, while the Let ‘em Spin feature instructs you not to use any holds that are offered as you’re in for a guaranteed win.

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